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Jen S

I am in the same boat. I feel horrible that it feels like I’ve been guessing for years but with mild symptoms. It’s gotten worse recently with the head shaking, licking, biting and scratching to the point of sores. While we always thought he may have a food allergy, it got worse when we moved to Pennsylvania last year. I researched more after one vet tried Cytopoint (sp?) and another gave us magical solution to put on his hot spots. I found an allergy test from Chewy and sent it away to see if they could determine allergies. Corn and household fungus are the most severe, but various proteins and flaxseed are mild intolerances for him. We had our pup on grain free food for the longest time too, but I found a food Zignature Select Cuts Trout and Salmon that doesn’t have his potential allergens, including flaxseed. I had to take him to the vet to get treatment for his sores, and the vet gave us a prescription for hydrolyzed food. It it taking everything I have to continue with the food that doesn’t have his allergens to see the outcome before trying to hydrolyzed food (which has all of the allergens but just broken down to the amino acids to avoid detection by the immune system). My fear with hydrolyzed food is that the proteins might be broken down but not his other allergens. Anyway, after a week on this new Zignature Select Cuts Trout and Salmon, he’s still itching and shaking his head. It is breaking my heart, but I’m hoping the new food will help him over the next 6 weeks. This post helped because I was beginning to think he might somehow have mites because it’s amazing to me that a food allergy could have this impact on him. Would a food allergy always be immediate? He tends to develop symptoms over time rather than immediately after eating a new food. Positive thoughts for your sweet fur babies!