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I would definitely avoid any type of milk with a dog who is prone to diarrhea.

I disagree with your statement about corn. Corn is a highly digestible carb for energy, contains fatty acids for beautiful skin and coat and also provides quality protein for muscle growth.

Of course you need to choose a company who properly grinds the corn and only uses grade 1 or 2 corn.

Taste of the Wild has been implicated by the FDA as one of the companies associated with an increase of dogs developing cardiomyopathy. Along with other boutique type grain free foods. Here is a website with many valuable resources regarding the issue: http://dcmdogfood.com/

Here is their take on corn:http://dcmdogfood.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Debunking-Myths-around-Corn-Gluten-Meal_FINAL.pdf

They also have a fantastic FB page if you prefer.

After listening to the experts for the last year instead of internet myths, I’ve done a 180 on how I select food for my dogs and cats. I’m sticking to the big 5 for now. They all employ veterinarians with Phd’s in animal nutrition, do feed trials, own their own facilities among many other important factors. I’ll only feed Royal Canin, Purina, Eukanuba, Iams or Hill’s to my crew at least until they figure out what is going on.

Make sure which ever food you choose is formulated for large breed puppies!

Take Care and good luck!