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Caroline L

my dog is 1.5 year old Parti yorkie。 I have some questions for my dog regarding his ALT number . we have blood test on one year old check out and his Alt 142 so Vet give he a samelq 225 and we recheck blood test two month later which
Is two week ago the ALt number 192 . everything for my dog is normal and have good appetite. Vet think we should do the bile Acid to check liver function.we did the bile acid test and liver function normal, and we also did the ultrasound it is normal just has mild hepatic lymph enlarged . Vet think it mild infection in the liver and/or intestine This could be caused by inflammation secondary to a food intolerance.

He was has justfoodfor dog also have short time raw food from darwinspet.
I am currently has Justfood for dog , salmon and cod with sweet pototao .. and recheck blood for one month see if not eat chicken , beef those will be better
try to find what kind protein cause the food intolerance .

my concern is what cause the ALT number high than normal range and the the liver and other is normal.
and what kind food has cause mild hepatic lymph enlarged .
just the ALT number made me feel wired ..
is anyone has any suggest or recommend ?

my dog has no symptoms for anything .he has very good appetite.

is any food intolerance test suggest ?

thank you ,