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Leamless, it’s so great that you are considering to switch from kibble to something healthier. I know what it’s like to live on a strict budget and understand how expensive life can get. In my experience it is more economical to feed a home-made diet (raw or cooked) than feeding commercially processed pet foods. You also get the benefit of understanding where each ingredient comes from (dog food recalls have been super scary lately)!

We switched to home-made meals years ago and it was the best decision for our dog and my budget. LOL I am happy to share some resources that have been super helpful in guiding us to prepare balanced, home-made meals.

Dr. Dobias has created a free Natural Diet Course which contains videos and articles full of information on this subject;


His online Recipe Maker will help you build healthy meals for your dog with the ingredients you have available. It provides guidance on amounts of each ingredient and which ingredients are best;


The key is to offer a variety of both proteins and vegetables, and add essential nutrients (non-synthetic, whole-food based supplements) to help fill in any nutritional deficiencies;

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I hope this helps to get you started on this journey. It takes some time to learn the basics but the energy investment will definitely pay off when your dog is super healthy thanks to natural nutrition and you get to save on unnecessary vet bills.