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I’ve used this food for almost 5 years and my dog’s lives have improved tremendously! My vet turned me on to this food when I switched to her and left my old vet. I have 3 dogs and each one had problems my old vet couldn’t help. Steroids, injections, pills, creams – prescription food – you name it! What a nightmare and it cost me literally $1000’s! After I switched to this food, tear stains went away, they stopped scratching themselves all the time and changed into robust playful puppies again. Now, once a year I take them to my vet and so far, year after year they get perfect blood panels! I love this company! It’s a big plus that Susan Thixton from Truth About Pet Food has them on her Most Trusted Dog Food list. She is amazing and so thorough and picky! I want to stick up for them because so many of my friends, neighbors & family have been buying food and snacks from this company for years. All of us love it and have never had a problem with their customer service. You can look on their website at all their helpful blogs and information and learn all about their ingredients. Also, their facebook page and website is full of 5 star reviews. Run by women and the real deal! I don’t write much on this forum except about this food because its really, really good!

Recent Replies