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Jeniffer P

Hi all. First of all thank you for writing, I’m getting some positive thoughts upon reading this. I’ll be seeing a specialist this week to confirm the initial diagnosis and layout a strategy plan if it indeed it’s TC. I’m super sad my dog is so young just 3 yrs old. The vet said mild case but still so so worried. How are everyone else’s pets doing? Hope all your fur babies are doing good. I’m starting him in glucosamine and cartilage/joint supplements, as well as probiotics, and anti-allergy natural supplements for gut and allergy-immune defense. Since his gut health and respiratory / anti-allergy health is key. Changed his diet to grain-free salmon as well (Merrick). Any or all advice on signs or things to look out or to keep an eye out on are truly appreciated. Bless you and your paw-besties.