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Patricia A

Ladies I believe we are all trying to do our best in trying to help Sienna with whatever knowledge we have from experiences with our own pets in regards to what to feed for a possible resolution of her dogs health symptoms.
However, when rereading her posts I still cannot find a definitive diagnosis of IBD. Sienna posted “My vet told me her behavior is likely 100% behavioral- that my dog is basically just so generally stressed that she is resorting to eating- and since she doesn’t have loose stool or diarrhea that she may just have general IBD but to keep her on this same food since her stools are nice and firm with .” I would never think the vet would describe IBD as just GENERAL????
It’s just an opinio,however when i read between the lines of Siennas’ description of her Boxer’s many symptoms they all lead me to believe she might have IBS when fed certain foods as she states “er a piece of pineapple yesterday and she woke up in the middle of the night and expelled it, undigested.” as my dogs and many others do with certain food also. With constant looking for food could it be possible Sienna is feeding less because she feels like the amount to satiate her causes her to be “reactive”. But i don’t read her say reactive in the way of diarrhea, vomiting. or a lose of appetite as being the common signs of IBD.
Would you ladies agree that she really should go to another vet and hopefully this vet would be able to give a definitive diagnosis of IBD vs IBS and the not so big deal of behavioral issues which then can be addressed or accepted as her personality and work around it.

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