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Patricia A

Thank’s Sienna for claifying. It’s not the classic symptoms of IBD . For instance If I give my one dog a piece of raw carrot she’s fine. But with the other one she throws it up. That same dog can eat several pieces of watermelon and be fine. But now the other one will have diarrhea with one small piece .I’ve gotten to know what agrees with each of them and what they can’t tolerate digestivelly . Just like people we can have digestive problems with eating a food that others would have no problem with.
Do you believe that the whining is caused by stomach pain or just wanting more food? Does she get diarrheae (ORANGE STOOL https://www.dogsupsetstomach.com/causes-of-orange-stool-in-dogs/) or vomit kibble back up? If when you SLOWLY, SLOWLY changed to a different food did she at first start out with loose stool . Because that would be normal at least for my dogs. Then after a few weeks of gradual change over their stools were fine. If not then that particular protein/brand did not agree with them.
Sienna please don’t take me as a know-it-all. I certainly don’t. Just thought maybe I’d hit on something that is a simple fix. but maybe it is not. But i agree with Susan to find a new vet . I don’t like either that he/she dismissed as being purely behavioral. Especially since apparently she was guessing when this vet put her on all these meds thats did not help and was probably not warranted.
I found this Boxer site that IS active. Maybe you can copy/paste what you posted on this forum .
Please keep us updated. https://www.boxerforums.com

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by Patricia A.
  • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by Patricia A.