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Patricia A

Susan I read over Sienna’s post and really doesn’t sound like IBD by her description. Symptoms I always believed by others posts who’s dog’s suffered from IBD were LACK of appetite, vomiting and diahrreah. She wrote her pooch does fine on kibble. If I read in-between the lines it seems her main concern is her behavior. That being her dog is so distracted looking for food on ground that she doesn’t walk. But this really stood out in Sienna’s post…”If I feed her more to satisfy her hunger, she becomes much more reactive and defensive.”
I’m hoping Sienna replies with my question of a description of her boxer being reactive and defensive when she feeds enough for satiation. So if she’s worried about this behavior she’s feeding less then what the dog needs to ever feel full hence the content hunger?
Each dog I had the pleasure to share my life with has had little quirks in personality. Some good some I would rather them have not possessed.” My foremost concern was always their health. Personality traits I could change I worked on. Others were accepted as “that’s just the way they were born.” Gets harder if a pet was adopted past puppyhood. Never know what their situation was which led to a fearful dog, aggressive dog because of fear etc. My moms dog has submissive pee since she brought her home. Go down to pet her and she wets. Without going into detail her last owners were not too nice to her.
So what I’m getting at is for Sienna to work on what truly is a health concern causing her dog to suffer and what is a personality trait that MAYBE can be worked on or something just to accept. Just seperate the two so a NEW vet can focus on her health. Hope this makes sense.

  • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by Patricia A.
  • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by Patricia A.