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Patricia A

Jude when it comes to kibble you need low carbs and higher protein. Hard to find a kibble low in carbs since it needs a starchy binder to hold it together. So maybe do away with kibble altogether.. I have a Chihuahua who tends to get chubby . My other Chihuahua is the same size and is fed same amount and stays slim. Yet, the chubby one is much more active. I think the secret is cutting food down. I never go by what they say on bag. I feed kibble as a VERY VERY small portion of food. Kibble is what tends to put the weight on my chubby one and now that weather is hot here and they get less walks I cut down to just a few along with their freeze dried food. I used string beans and one freeze dried as a treat. I stick to 5* proteins and brands as per DFA reviews. They also get home cooked LEAN boiled white meat chicken, fish(salmon) in tiny amounts, lean steak when we have. Bits of watermelon etc. But secret is cut down on food smaller portions gradually. Then when weather permits a walk as much as a 17 can do comfortably.

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