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Elizabeth R

We went on our vet’s recommendation of the Science Diet canned food and grain. Remember when dogs were being poisoned through their dog food? We had a Rescue puppy at the time which started to throw up along with our 9 y/o Aussie. We talked to the vet and he said to give her little balls of the canned Science diet food. They both continued to throw up. We started to cook eggs for them. They stopped throwing up. Thinking they may have had a stomach issue that had cleared, we gave them the recommended Science Diet. They began to throw up again. Our older dog (Aussie) who went into Liver failure. Because our vet did not take us seriously, we took her to another vet. (Our baby was saved at a specialty hospital, but never fully recover- she started to have seizures). That first vet continues to recommend Science Diet.

So in my opinion- No – Vet’s recommendations Are based on the reps of dog food. Or at least the vet we went to did not research. Maybe the Science Diet is a “good food” but obviously the manufacturer makes the food with the same ingredients as the cheeper ones- as our dogs were poisoned too – and the high dollar Science Diet was not immune from the poisoned ingredients.

We do give our dog a little bit of kibbles “Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance: Limited Ingredients Diets” but mostly we make the food at home now.

After we began feeding our Aussie homemade food ONLY, she lived for 8 more years to the ripe old age of 17💕.

Recent Replies