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Debra K

One of my Toy Poodles (13yrs old) after $1000 of tests, was recently diagnosed with Pancreatitis and PLE. I don’t know if the vet even knew what he was talking about, because I took her to an Urgent Care vet at the local Vet Specialty Hospital (when the idiot didn’t prescribe anything, just wanted to do another $700 worth of testing), the vet there said her symptoms didn’t match his diagnosis. She was given fluids and a probiotic Visbiome. I wonder if maybe the fact that I had been soaking her in Magnesium Oil Flakes and Lavender Oil, twice a day and rubbing her tummy with Hemp Seed Oil, had helped? I am also giving her Slippery Elm, twice a day and chicken quarters, first cooked in a crock pot, then boiled with spices and chicken bouillion for a hour and a half, then drained. I am also mashing up small chunks of beef liver, in with the chicken and giving her B12 fortified Brewer’s Yeast., Vit E and COQ10. She is doing so much better now, 2wks later. Almost back to normal. No more diarrhea, her stools are soft, but formed and no vomiting at all.
I have read that Pancreatitis can cause low Magnesium and can contribute to Diabetes, it is also very relaxing and helps with pain, along with the Hemp Oil. Magnesium Oil, is the best way to absorb it, thru the skin and it’s helping my arthritic fingers, as I give her a massage while she’s soaking–for about 10mins. I am also giving her an Apple Cider Vinegar tablet, which is considered to be a prebiotic (the first vet acted like I was a lunatic, for doing so) and she has been improving ever since. I have an appt to go see an internist at the Specialty Hosp., but it’s not for another 2mos.
I have read on homeopathic vet websites, that regular vets are only given about 1week of nutrition training, during their 4yr course and it’s all paid for, by major pet food companies. It was also stated, that they only know how to react to situations, not prevent them in the first place and prescribe drugs, that only treat the symptoms not the cause.