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    Hi all,

    My 18lb Welsh Terrier has a mild-moderate case of Protein Losing Enteropathy.

    Our Vet specialist has recommended a Purina HA diet that’s made of “hydrolyzed protein”. Unfortunately I’m wary of anything made by Purina and hydrolyzed protein sounds horribly processed. So I’m looking for suggestions.

    I’ve read that MCT oil (for humans) can help. Not sure how much to give her..

    What about kibble and/or raw food? Brands and types would be appreciated if you’ve had success with any.

    I switched her from Purina Pro Plan sensitive stomach (salmon) variety to Orijen’s Fish formula and “Primal”‘s raw lamb wet food. Her spirits are good. She’s eating well and she doesn’t seem to be losing weight around the middle..though I suspect that she might be losing muscle mass.

    Other things to note:
    She’s allergic to chicken and starts to itch just looking at it. Not sure about turkey or duck.

    Thank you!!

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    A dog we had had this in 2005. I had to find a food to help her stop dropping weight, I did a consultation with a vet nutritionist from Tufts. Purina HA was her recommendation. For my dog, it was a matter of life & death so I used it.

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    My friend’s yorkie had PLE. She went to so many specialists and her poor dog was on so many drugs. Finally, she went on yorkietalk and a lot of the people in that group worked with the nutritionist on with good results. She gave it a try along with a few of the supplements for digestion and IBD and her yorkie seems to be feeling a lot better.

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    Hi PippaY

    My 10 year old weimaraner Blu also has PLE. Here in the UK we have Hills Science Plan Prescription Diet – she has a scoop of their “d/d salmon and rice” dry food for lunch. It’s listed as being hypoallergenic and for skin complaints but it’s also used for PLE (vet reccommended we use it)

    Breakfast and dinner she has Chappie tinned food which is also fish based. The advice from the vet was to put her on a high protein low fat diet, protein from fish rather than red meats, for treats things like cottage cheese and eggs (I must admit I restrict the amount of eggs she has as you can imagine the side effects!)

    Coconut oil is an MCT, dogs find it more palatable than the MCT liquid oil. It comes in a solid form in a jar, I add a tablespoon a day to her food, maybe a teaspoon a day for your yorkie?

    Blu is also on steroids to treat the PLE but the diet definitely helped in getting her protein levels back up.

    Good luck!

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    Christi G

    I just wanted to share with you my experience with using supplements and coconut oil in my sister’s dog – Maya. 3 years ago she was diagnosed with PLE after this last round of steroids (last one taken on 12/2) my sister decided to let maya die peacefully. She took her off of all her chemo drugs (for PLE) on 12/10 and we knew the end would come soon… but I had a different plan. So, I used what I know about about supplements and did a ton of research!

    For a month and a 1/2 now, I’ve been feeding her coconut oil, CLA, A ginger enzyme and half of a one of my probiotics – now I use the GNC product (see below). I also started feeding her homemade food and giving her a good breakfast and dinner and 2 small meals in between. Her diet is made up of white rice (I melt the coconut oil in the white rice and add a spoon full of cream of chicken soup to disguise the taste and I add the ginger enzyme – good for disgestion and cardiovascular health, a probiotic and cla (helps breakdown fat and build protein) to her breakfast), either sweet peas & carrots or green beans, and I mix up her proteins with boiled chicken, canned salmon (MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BONELESS!!) or tuna fish in water. I give her about a half a breast of chicken. Also, she gets GNC’s Superfood complex with joint support. Dogs love the taste and it is packed with good stuff – probiotics, joint supplement, tons of vitamins and supplements!

    My sister was checked into the hospital on the 16th and I will admit I got lazy with Maya’s meals because of work and going back and forth to the hospital. After 4 days without her supplements and oil, I sat down on Sunday a week ago and it was like she dropped 2 lbs in less than a week. So, I went back to my routine with the oil and supplemnts. In just a 3 days she was looking beef again and as of yesterday she had gained almost 2 lbs since her last weigh in back in December. The vet said “well, I guess we have her on the right meds” and I was like “she’s off her meds… since mid-December.” The vet was shocked! I didn’t tell her my secret as my sister thinks cocconut oil is too fatty for her… well, it’s doing wonders. Maya has an ear infection and a check up in 10 days… I can’t wait to see her weigh-in in 10 days!!

    All I can say is that she is off all drugs and the supplements and oil are working great….Don’t look for overnight results. Give it a week or 2 to really start working.

    I hope this helps with your babies!

    Maya – weigh in after off drugs in December 55
    Maya – weigh in yesterday (no drugs for over a month) 57.9 lbs
    Protein levels have increased, she is happy and energetic and her skin and coat have improved b/c the drugs aren’t drying her out. She is eating and drinking normally. she used to slurp down half the bowl when on her meds.

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    Lynelle V

    Christi G.,
    Thank you so much for sharing the post above. Our situation sounds exactly like Maya’s. We were just told by our vet that there is little left to do with Daisy. She is the same weight as Maya. I feel so bad for her. Her poor bloated belly and the rest of her, barely there is heartbreaking. I shared your post with my vet and he said to immediately start this with her. I just needed to know how much food and supplements did you give to Maya and at which meals? I saw her breakfast menu, but not the others. Also, how much of each supplement did you use? I saw that you mentioned CLA. Where did you get that? I don’t have much time as Daisy has really gone downhill fast even though she has been on all the drugs and she has been on Royal Canin’s g/i canned food with extra chicken and rice thrown in. Please respond as I desperately need some precise information. If it worked for Maya, maybe it could work for us. Thanks. I appreciate it!

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    Cathryn C

    How much of these supplements would I give to a 25 pound French bulldog? He was gaining weight and now has lost 1.1 lb in the last 2 weeks. He is on Hills Science diet z/d and takes 1 pill (budesonide) every day. I totally don’t know what to feed him or how much of anything to give him. He has been throwing up a little off and on for the last 2 weeks so it did not surprise me his weight was down again. Our vet could do no more for him so we saw a specialist. Cleansing with white rice and cottage cheese for a week, half z/d and white rice for another week then all dog food. I did keep giving him a little of the white rice with his food since he liked it. And no people food ever. Everything was going along well for about 2 months but now he is back peddling. I believe his situation is becoming dire at this point. I can’t give him extra meals because I do have to work to pay for all of this. 3.5 more years. He won’t last that long at this rate. He is almost 6 years old. I need some help or advice. It is almost dinner time and I dread giving him the same old thing and expecting a different result. At my wits end. Ty

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    Christi G

    Get Dandelion root supplements for the bloating… I actually take it myself – maya’s not really overly bloated so she’s not getting it but she did bloat for a few days and that’s when I ordered it – more for me – not Maya. It has a lot of medicinal benefits and is cheap. For a dog your size, I would do 2 of these in the morning ( . I’ve read great things about it and my I don’t have any bloating myself. Also, give him ginger supplements for his nausea. Maya’s doing well but my sister wanted to wean her back on to her dry food. Is your dog on a probiotic? I suggest this because it chock full of supplements and vitamins and dogs love the taste. One tub will last you about 2.5 months:

    Maya is getting much less food at her normal meals because I’m home to give her the mini meals. I think that has prevented the bloating as well. She’s about 58lbs – she gets about 1/3 cup of her dry food, 1/2 cup of white rice (the GNC supplement mixes well with the rice) and about 1/3 of a large boiled chicken breast for b’fast and dinner. For lunch and late dinner she gets green beans (about 1/3 cup) and more of the same amount of chicken. My sister asked to not give her the CLA or coconut oil any longer but I truly feel it was beneficial. She gained about 3 lbs and was highly energetic… but she’s doing well now just lost a little weight. 🙁 I had to step back and realize this was not my dog but my sister’s and her wishes are what I need to abide by… but the info from this post is what she is currently getting and I still think the info from my last post was good info. If you start your dog on coconut oil – which I would not do at this point – maybe if you can get his health under control then you can (maybe a 1/2 tbsp in the AM for his size – but start out at 1/4 tbsp for a few days as he will get diarrhea if you start him out on too much to soon… that didn’t happen with Maya but it did with me last year when I started taking coconut oil!). Maybe if you give him a normal breakfast and then an early smaller dinner and then a mini meal (I mean, were talking green beans and rice and chicken – much less than your dry food) around 7 or 8, it will help. I’m personally not a fan of any dry food but fromm’s and it’s very expensive but when I see things like meat by-product and meat parts on the side of a bag of food that costs almost $100 (a very large bag) it just pisses me off! As far as the CLA, I would just puncture and squeeze out the liquid onto his food – just one in the AM (this is the one I gave maya:

    PLEASE REMEMBER – I AM NOT A VET OR A DOCTOR OF ANY KIND AND AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT OR HOW YOU USE THE INFORMATION I HAVE GIVEN. I am only sharing my own experiences over the past 3 months since Maya was taken off her meds…. I think she’s better off without them. I mean, who wants to take chemo meds for the rest of their lif?

    I think VETs get overly invested in “specialty” dry dog food without really even knowing the ****-crap they put in that food and in prescribing meds without doing any other research involving natural supplements.

    FIRST thing though – you need to get him on a probiotic. That can help “even out” what’s going on in his gut… and that has a positive effect on other things. AND get the Dandelion Root. Order through amazon with the links I gave you and if you don’t have it, sign up for a trial prime account so you can get them within 2 days! Also, with the GNC supplement/probiotic powder, you can sign up for auto delivery and get it for $18… just go back and either cancel the auto-delivery later and/or change the delivery to like 2 months or so based on your dogs usage. Given his weight, the tub will last you at least 2.5 months. Read the directions and start out with a smaller dose for a few days and then the whole dose once his body is used to it. I would not do coconut oil until you get his bloating and throwing up under control. I truly hope this helps… and I hope vets will start taking a more holistic approach to treating dogs… and instead of insisting on dog food that they sell, think about how simple meals with good supplements can benefit the dog… and not how the vet’s dog food can supplement their bank accounts!

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    Lynelle V

    Thank you Christi. I really appreciate the help. Daisy is on a probiotic and enzymes as well as folic acid, potassium and magnesium. We are adding the coconut oil and CLA when it comes back. She is not doing well, but we are going to give this a go! Thanks for a holistic option.

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    Cathryn C

    Thanks so much Christi for the information. You truly went above and beyond with this information and the links. I am going to try these supplements with Tank and I pray they work like they did for your sisters dog. Thanks again. And may God bless you all.

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    Vicky F

    My little dog Jack was suffering with severe belly bloat filled with fluid. Had to have it drained 3 times. Took him to an Internal Medical doctor who put him on a Lasix diuretic called Furosemide. Highly recommend for the fluid in the belly. It was a miracle, his belly bloat is gone but is now skin and bones. Doctor said to get weight on him asap before organ failure. I’ve been giving him boiled chicken mixed with white rice and mixed vegetables and kibble offered all day. He seems to be getting tired of both and I’m looking for ideas to fatten him up quick.

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    Anick A

    After so long, We have finally found unique ways of dealing with this!

    Growth sensitive GI and Revive, 50/50 mix of canned (revive) and dry (sensitive GI) together
    Made by Rayne Clinical Nutrition…best gift ever :-)))))

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