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Kathy W

I too was a Flint River Ranch customer for my 3 Alaskan Malamutes. I was devasted when they went out of business. I followed as Life’s Abundance bought them, then something happened and they stopped producing it, etc etc.
I had my dogs all settled on another high end dry dog food – not easy with these guys – and found Pinto Canyon. Spoke to their rep who was fantastic. Bought a supply and tried it. Dogs were happy with it. It didn’t disrupt their stomachs (which we can attest to how bad that is when cleaning up the yard).
Trying now to decide if I want to switch the pack back to Pinto or leave as is. It definitely costs more and the market must be tough to make it in or they never would have gone out of business.
Family member is getting a puppy so we will probably go Pinto Canyon.
I too wish the site would review this food, but as quoted in a blog above –

“However, we do receive a fee from Chewy.com for each purchase made as a direct result of a referral from our website.”

No wonder smaller companies have a tough time making it.

Recent Replies