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    Mark C

    I am seriously considering Pinto Canyon’s dog food. I looked here and could not find a review or rating for it. Has anyone tried this food?

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    joanne l

    never heard of it, what kind of food are you looking for?

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    cyndi k

    I stopped by here looking for a review of Pinto Canyon. I absolutely loved Flint River Ranch Dog Food as my dog loved the food, but the company went out of business. Life’s Abundance acquired Flint River Ranch. However, Life’s Abundance per my conversation with them this morning, will not be formulating an oven baked product similar to Flint River Ranch. I stumbled upon Pinto Canyon as I look for another oven baked dog food. I went ahead and ordered a bag today.

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    Mark C

    Thanks Cyndi. I’m a week into the bag and am feeding it to my fox terrier. She seems to like it so far. Once I get down on my Other guys’ food I’ll be switching them too. It seems like a good food, just don’t understand why DFA hasn’t reviewed it. Hope your dogs like the food.

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    Sara C

    I have been giving my three cavaliers pinto canyon chicken baked dog food for the last 6 months. After Flint River ditched their brand, I switched to another brand…which ended up ditching their brand a year later. I was searching to see if Flint river had sold their recipe and ended up having a conversation with Lisa at Pinto Canyon. They handled Flint river distribution and know the recipes. The recipes are essentially duplicated from what I can understand and my dogs like it. I like having a baked vs extruded dog food (my dad was a dog food manufacturer so I’ve seen some interesting things). The smell is quite strong to me so it’s in a sealed container. I’ve never had any stomach issues either. I like that it’s made in US and they bake in small batches and test each batch. The customer service is EXTREMELY attentive and checking on your pups etc, via email. I really do recommend it for your favorite doggy children.

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    Sara C

    I’m only guessing, but I assume it’s not reviewed because they only recently picked up the business andirons cannot be purchased in stores. They are relying on word of mouth as they don’t have original client lists

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    Melissa J

    I can’t review the food because UPS lost my order. I may try ordering it again and holidays when there is less theft. I wanted to point out this isn’t made in USA. Not that is a bad thing considering dog food that is made in the USA is filled with so many toxic ingredients that is causing cancer, obesity, diabetes and death in our pets. Who knew euthanized pets where put in dogs food?? I didn’t. Anyway this is made in Canada, not saying that is a bad thing either but I’m just curious as to why when you read pinto canyon website it sounds like it’s made right here in Texas. You have to read every tab to see their facility is in Canada. Again not saying that is a bad thing or good, I’m hoping it depends on the company that owns it. Because my dog developed allergies and I went through 4 vets, yes 1 holistic, steroids, antibiotics, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, over$1000, and no diagnosis of what the allergies are, the last vet said she needed to be put on meds the rest of her life, cost about $200+mo. So I started my own search. One thing I learned is Canada has worse regulations on their pet food industry then we do. I’ve also learned that if we do want to give kibble oven baked is better than extruded. Only concern here is if it’s made in Canada, distributed by pinto canyon, who is really the owner of the company? This food is only about $20. more than the toxic stuff I’ve fed her for 8yrs so I can’t help but wonder why they make it sound like it is made in USA and not Canada. I’ll update if I find out. Even if you Google where is pinto canyon dog food made, you won’t find it.

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    I am very interested in the reviews on this food too.
    The thing I do not like about it s far is Dehydrated alfalfa meal,

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    Hilary L

    I have been feeding this dog food to my 8 month old & 10 month old puppy. After trying to find a dog food that wouldn’t give them loose stool, I found Pinto Canyon and my life got much easier. No more messy stools or upset stomachs. My puppies are very healthy and happy with this food. I have had dogs my whole life and have tried to feed many different dog foods but no more searching for me. This food is an excellent match for my Border Collie and Boston Terrier. What a relief.

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    Susan G

    Why doesn’t Dog Food Advisor review Pinto Canyon dog foods?
    The dental surgeon that writes the reviews at Dog Food Advisor receives money from, so he typically reviews foods that are sold on This statement is on his website:

    “However, we do receive a fee from for each purchase made as a direct result of a referral from our website.”

    We’d love it if you’d ask him to review Pinto Canyon!

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    Steve S

    I had the same problem when Flint River shut down, then I happened to find in my research, Pinto Canyon.
    Both my Yorkie and Lhasa Apso have been on Pinto Canyon Chicken and Brown Rice for over 6 months and love it, getting ready to reorder tonite 😊

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    keath R

    Been using pinto canyon for almost a year all our shiba inu and jinod love it used to feed flint river til they went away it has been excellent food and ships really fast even right now when we order resupply we get 2 bags at a time

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    Kathy W

    I too was a Flint River Ranch customer for my 3 Alaskan Malamutes. I was devasted when they went out of business. I followed as Life’s Abundance bought them, then something happened and they stopped producing it, etc etc.
    I had my dogs all settled on another high end dry dog food – not easy with these guys – and found Pinto Canyon. Spoke to their rep who was fantastic. Bought a supply and tried it. Dogs were happy with it. It didn’t disrupt their stomachs (which we can attest to how bad that is when cleaning up the yard).
    Trying now to decide if I want to switch the pack back to Pinto or leave as is. It definitely costs more and the market must be tough to make it in or they never would have gone out of business.
    Family member is getting a puppy so we will probably go Pinto Canyon.
    I too wish the site would review this food, but as quoted in a blog above –

    “However, we do receive a fee from for each purchase made as a direct result of a referral from our website.”

    No wonder smaller companies have a tough time making it.

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