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Gaz M

Hi I have a male pug nearly 7yrs old Tyson. he recently had surgery to remove bladder stones. vet put him on royal canin s/o..he has an allergy to this food (i think it may be the chicken?) vet then said he must continue to eat this and prescribed Apoquel indefinately.. it has stopped his scratching (which he did till he bled) and licking/biting his paws, although i have read that apoquel is quite dangerous as it lowers their natural immune system making him more prone tp cancer/tumors etc.. i am living in BKK and the vets aren’t much help.. i d on’t know what to do. i have since changed to Hills c/d being the only other urinary food i can find though it seems to have same ingredients.. does anyone have any experience with this situation or advice on a solution to this problem?
Any input would be much appreciated