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    Lauren S

    Hi friends,
    Hoping some of you may be able to offer some suggestions. My pup (10 yrs old) has recently been diagnosed with crystals and of course I want to do everything to help him and quickly. He’s been on a high-quality dry food for his whole life so the thought of putting him on wet food has me a bit hesitant. It looks like the quickest way to dissolve the stones is to do a wet food, the vet suggests Royal Canin SO, we will start with dinner tonight. Through my research, I learned that Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison is good at helping to dissolve stones as well. I’d like to mix the SO and Natural Balance, does anyone know if this is not a good idea? I called Royal Canin and they did not suggest it but they also were trying to sell me on their dry food. Not sure what to do. Would love to hear any and all suggestions you may have. Thanks for listening – be well 🙂

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    I would feed the food that your vet recommends. Was an ultrasound done to rule out bladder stones? Ask your vet…because often dogs can have more than one type of stones along with crystals.
    Food does not dissolve all types of stones, sometimes surgery is needed.

    had a dog with calcium oxalate bladder stones, struvite crystals and urinary tract infections. It was serious, emergency surgery and all.
    From what I could tell, the main culprits were genetic predisposition and inadequate water intake, not the food.
    A lot of pet owners serve kibble dry. Put down a bowl of water and assume their dogs are drinking enough….this is often not the case.
    Also, expecting these dogs to hold their urine for 10 hours a day is conducive to stagnant conditions in the bladder, perfect environment for crystals and bladder stones to form.
    Keep the bladder flushed, offer bathroom breaks at the minimum, every 4 hours (every 2 hours is ideal). Exercise, long walks, keep the weight down. Feed twice a day, measured amounts.

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    Lauren S

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, we are really holding our breath here. My dog is the most anxious dog out there, you can’t even pet the poor little guy. We’ve tried to medicate him to no avail, we just work around his fears as best we can. As a result, getting him to the vet for testing is nearly impossible. We don’t know if he has actual stones. The vet is encouraged that the infection went away on the antibiotics and is hoping that the crystals are not a result of a stone. That’s why he said let’s do the dog food change for a few weeks to see if things clear up.
    I’m going to feed the recommended food. I’ve been adding extra water to his dry food and I am constantly letting him out, even if he isn’t lingering by the door. Fingers and paws are crossed that this does the trick. Thank you again 🙂

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    Ronald B

    Lauren – As a long time, Miniature Schnauzer owner, I will say that the breed is prone to Bladder Stones. That said, we tried Science Diet prescription food but our last two wouldn’t touch the wet food. We finally gave up and went with a low protein, mainly human grade food which seemed to work for a while. Our current puppy (12 years old) has had 3 surgeries in her lifetime. After the last one, about 6 months ago, together with our Vet, we researched and contacted other Vets and the UF Veterinary College. That research provided Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO (dry and wet) and Purina PRo Plan Veterinary Diet UR Urinary Ox/St Canned. Our puppy loves both of the brands and we feed her them all at the same times, rotating the wet foods every other day for variety, without any problems. Last lab results showed no crystals for the first time in years. Your results may be different but we extremely happy with both brands.

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    My boy was put on Royal Canine Urinary S/O wet can & dry Kibble, Dry kibble for Breakfast & Wet Can food for Dinner , the vet said he has to just eat the R/C/ S/O for 6 weeks, no treats nothing else, then come back & have another Xray to see if crystals had dissolved, they had, then vet said put him back on a normal diet.

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    Ronald B

    Susan – While we’ve been using both the Royal Canin and Purina prescription foods (for variety since our puppy get bored with her food), we’ve had great success. I’m glad to hear the Royal Canin worked for you. In discussion with our Vet, and considering the age of our puppy, we’ve made the decision to just keep her on the prescription diet (they also have prescription treats). 🙂

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