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Yousaf S

After creating the unofficial ACTR1UM dog food forum, I had a few questions for both Walmart & Elmira Pet Foods. I decided to contact both of them.

Neither of them would respond to my questions. I found it extremely odd that out of all the reviews on this particular product, ACTR1UM Large Breed Adult (dog) food, there was only one (1) negative feedback, and it pertained to the shipping of said product.

I had two negative reviews get rejected by Walmart. My opinion is that Walmart will do anything to decline a negative review on this product & that they have some sort of an agreement with Elmira Pet Foods, where they keep their reviews positive.

Please review my second rejected review, and you be the judge! : https://imgur.com/a/hq4I5bG

If anyone has an honest, negative review of this product, I strongly urge you to share it on the Walmart website. I’d like to see if they’ll even publish it. My opinion is that they’ll go to great lengths to hide the true customer feedback of this product.