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    Yousaf S


    This is my first post; hope I posted it in the right section. I’m from Canada, and there’s a brand of dog food we have here called “ACTR1UM” and I was wondering if you guys would do a review on it.

    I took some pictures of the label with my phone but I don’t see a way of uploading these pics so you guys can see the nutritional information. I couldn’t find a website for the maker of the food so I found that a bit troubling.

    Anyways, here’s a link to the product :


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    Carrie E

    I would also be interested in this above as well. A review on the Holistic dog food brand below. Was this done, I cannot find the brand still. Thank you.


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    Yousaf S


    Just thought you might be interested in knowing this; on the bag I noticed a company Logo : “Oven-Baked Tradition”.

    I Googled them and here’s their website : http://ovenbakedtradition.com/en/

    It has some decent information on the site, but no reviews. Hope it helps! Myself, since I couldn’t find more information I’m sticking with Acana. My dogs love it and according to the Dog Food Advisor site, it’s a 5 star kibble. 🙂

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    Yousaf S

    To anybody who feeds their dog(s) ACTR1UM, I have created a message forum so we can exchange our experiences on how this food has served our canine companions.

    Please feel free to visit at :



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    Brandi B

    I did a little deeper looking, and I know these posts are old but there have been more and more recalls and lawsuits with large brands. This company sources all of its ingredients in North America except Lamb from New Zealand and all of the meat is purchased from human quality suppliers. We have fairly strict guidelines here and I hope they turn out to be a good as it appears. The dogs enjoy it so far and no issues with the switch or eating over two weeks. It’s wait and see now! 😁

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    Yousaf S

    To tell you the truth, I used to feed my dog Acana.
    It’s a high quality kibble, but I often found myself asking for that price is there anything better to feed my fur babies.
    After all, Acana ain’t cheap!

    That’s when I made the switch to a raw diet. It actually works out to be cheaper than Acana. But if for any reason I run out of raw meats, I have an emergency bag of ACTR1UM just sitting in my kitchen cupboard.

    I’m not a huge fan of feeding my fur babies kibble, but if I absolutely must, I have this brand in my arsenal of dog food. 🙂

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    Brandi B

    My mom as well but she has two miniature dachshunds and I have a Shepherd and a Collie. I would be paying a fortune and a lot of time. I would probably need a second refrigerator as well, so for now this will have to do.

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    Charmaine K

    I have been feeding the Act1um holistic dog food. I tried different kinds including Science diets and all the vet referred brand but my could take or leave it. One day I saw the Act1um brand which said it was a holistic type of kibble. I bought a small bag to try and from the first day my pup took to it like a champ. So now even if I treat him to steak or an egg or whatever I prepare that is good for him as well I am sure he will eat his kibble anyway since in his case he needs this or he get diarrhea not great on a pure white dog. I was looking for other comments since to me it seems he is perfectly healthy and I wanted to know if I was right or if others had comments regarding the welfare or their pups

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    Brandi B

    Still feeding our 2 dogs this brand and they are well plus they love it. I’m seeing more flavours and they like those as well.

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    Lori-Ann E

    Brandi B how long have you been feeding Actr1um holistic. Ive been thinking of trying the duck formula. I don’t see much about this food

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    Vanessa M

    I fed my Maltese/Yorkie cross this food for 11 years, she was doing great, or so I thought. Recently switched to a WSAVA COMPLIANT food Royal Canin, she’s been on it now for about a year. She was diagnosed today with DCM. It’s unknown if her diet was the cause but I’m highly suspicious as ACt1um isn’t on the WSAVA list.

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    Rachel S

    Actr1um is made by the same company who makes royal canin. My dog is very picky and has a very sensitive stomach (corgi mix), and she prefers, and does the best, with actr1um. It’s ingredients are actually very similar to royal canin.

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    Yousaf S

    After creating the unofficial ACTR1UM dog food forum, I had a few questions for both Walmart & Elmira Pet Foods. I decided to contact both of them.

    Neither of them would respond to my questions. I found it extremely odd that out of all the reviews on this particular product, ACTR1UM Large Breed Adult (dog) food, there was only one (1) negative feedback, and it pertained to the shipping of said product.

    I had two negative reviews get rejected by Walmart. My opinion is that Walmart will do anything to decline a negative review on this product & that they have some sort of an agreement with Elmira Pet Foods, where they keep their reviews positive.

    Please review my second rejected review, and you be the judge! : https://imgur.com/a/hq4I5bG

    If anyone has an honest, negative review of this product, I strongly urge you to share it on the Walmart website. I’d like to see if they’ll even publish it. My opinion is that they’ll go to great lengths to hide the true customer feedback of this product.

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    Yousaf S

    UPDATE: I attempted a third time to post a negative review, and they accepted my negative review this third time. So….I’ll leave it at that. Make of it what you will.

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    Laura W

    Fed my Lab/Catahoula cross Actrium for the last 5 years of his life. He loved it every day and he lived the longest of all his littermates. We walked a mile a day right to the end. He was healthy… just got old.

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    Charlotte R

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