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Joshua M

I just registered with this site because of this thread. That’s a huge deal for me. Primarily to express how grateful I am for the thoughtful, sincere contributions made by Cathy, Ryan, Laura and anonymous. In 30 years of forum diving, this thread is my Holy Grail.
I know it’s been a while but hope all your pups are as well as can be. The past few years have been a ridiculous onslaught of healthcare issues for my girl Charlotte. She’s a fourteen(ish) year old Jack Russell mix that was displaced by hurricane Katrina. She was already a senior so her background is a genuine mystery.
Initially I was fostering her and she was in perfectly typical health overall. She was adopted easily enough. So easily in fact that after the 3rd family returned her to me it became clear, I was the one being adopted.🥴
Everything was fine for a couple of years then bam, a grape sized cyst right in the middle of her back. Biopsy confirmed it was benign so considering her age and the cost of surgery, we decided against removing it. Then she tested positive for Lyme disease, followed by kennel cough which was actually bronchitis and finally, collapsing trachea brought me here.
Short story long, although I’ve been feeling terribly alone through it all, this thread has assured me I’m not unique.
God bless you all!🙏