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Hav mom

Chip,y I have been using Dr. Dobias products for my dog. I put Green min and Soul food every day along with am
Feel Good OMega and pm meal gut sense.l It has made a great difference in his coat, his health and his teeth and
gums. My vet asked what am I feeding him. I feed him fresh veggies with grouond turkey Dr. Dobias has a
plan meals for dogs, easy to make and freeze portions or fresh very day (if you have the time. But the supplements are
for any food. I also waited for a few months and then did the liver cleanse. easy, peasey, he had no difference in his
attitude but he was more perky and better when he was done in six weeks. He also does not itch any longer and his
eyes don’t cake in corners. So, we are happy with the supplements. I make a large bowl of food at one time with his plan
of recipes. My dog is a havanese, large guy, 20#,he was a rescue 7 years ago and is going on 9 years old this year. Looks
terrific, his blood tests are perfect…cant ask for more. The suypplements are expensive, but I found he only needs
1/2 tsp. for a day of Green min and the rest, so they ususallly last 3 months or so. Dr.Dobias has a chart as to how long
for hyour personaldog the supplement you choose should last before running out. His meal plans are easy and affordable
if you want to do them. veggies, meat that’s it. Hope this helps, and as this is a late post ,(I have been off line for a while, sorry)you may have tried them already–so let me know if you liked the products.