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Patricia A

Jake first off make sure your Goldie has no flea dirt on him. Just pull a fine comb through fur and shake on white paper. You’ll see little black specks that rehydrate in a bit of water turning red with the blood. Fleas can live year round I think. For allergies make sure there is nothing in your home causing the paw and eye itching. Maybe scented carpet cleaner, those scented plug ins or even scented detergent you wash where she beds.
Make sure you wash off all her paws thoroughly when coming in from walks or in your backyard so he doesn’t scratch at face with paws full of pollen etc. You can try the change in diet without going hydrolyzed . Maybe SLOWLY, SLOWLY as not to cause more problems with stomach upset, switching to a food with a novel protein. I use Stella Chewy’s. If you look at their f/b page many positive comments. I also use Primal freeze dried as toppers.
Here is many products that you can look through for the ones that people said worked and see which one fits for your dogs symptoms .
Hope this helps.