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Hi Kat,

Sorry you are going through this with your Great Dane 🙁

Probiotics are essential to support your dog’s digestive tract and immune system, however the extreme heat that kibble and canned food must undergo guarantees no live microbes would survive. So please don’t waste money buying pet food that claims to include probiotics for dogs. The process of manufacturing pet food is simply too extreme for delicate living microbes to survive.

It’s best to do your research and look for a high quality probiotic supplement. We use an organic probiotic supplement, GutSense that was specifically formulated to match the intestinal microflora of dogs (it is also dairy free and includes prebiotics).


During times of acute digestive upset it is recommend to double the dose, and this has always worked for our dog along with a home-prepared diet. I have included a few other articles below that Dr. Dobias has written about digestion that may be helpful:



I hope this is helpful for your Great Dane. Wishing you both the best in good health! 🙂