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Brittany B

I have a Pit bull mix that was diagnosed this PLE about 5 to 6 yrs ago. He was given a script from the vet that made is symptoms worse. I reached out to a friend who suggested putting him on a Vegetarian diet, which worked great for him at first we were able to him back on track The food brand is Natural Balance. it is a little pricey but it helped along with his medications to get him back on track he was on that for a few years when I decided I wanted to start Implementing some type of low protein meat into his food so I did research and started him on Natures Recipe. I seen it was natural dog food, and now he eats the Lamb Meal & Rice. He has been on this food for about 3 years and it seems to be doing well for him.

When he was diagnosed he was advised to be on a low protein diet. This is why I tried the vegetarian food first which was good for him and he loved. The lamb is also low in protein and easy for him to digest.

In the beginning of his diagnosis he lost a lot of muscle, he wasn’t as active as he used to be. He was the only animal I had at the time of his diagnosis. I winded up going to walmart one day and a lady was giving away puppies. I couldn’t help but get one. I noticed Once the new dog came into play he became more active. and more like himself. he began to build muscle back and started looking and acting healthier.

He is also on Metranitazole & Prednisone as well which helps him as well.

Recent Replies