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Patricia A

Stephenie first off so very sorry you’re going through this. Nothing worse then stress from seeing your pup is getting no relief after trying all these different foods. First I know my dogs ALWAYS had diarrhea when switching foods. So it’s possible your switching between too many too fast. It takes at times many weeks of a VERY, VERY slow introduction of a few kibble at a time. I use Open Farm for my two small dogs but just for treats because of the cost. I stay away from too much fat in food for my two. Even when I give home cooked if they have a little steak two days in a row it’s diarrhea time. Same with boiled salmon or even lean chop meat.My dogs are doing great on Stella and Chewy’s . If you go to their f/b page you’ll see all the posts from pet owners writing their dogs are doing very well on their food after having stomach upsets with other brands they tried. I use their RAW Coated chicken grain free. But they have limited ingredients and grain inclusive also. Just go VERY SLOWLY went introducing. I also got my two slowly used to Primal freeze dried as topper.. I only use the LOW in fat proteins such as turkey/sardine, rabbit, and occasionaly duck which they love. Stella’s also has freeze dried toppers. Here is their website . Stella’s has samples you can get in a pet supply store. I hope this helps. https://www.facebook.com/stellaandchewys/ https://www.stellaandchewys.com