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    Stephenie S

    So my year old lab puppy has had diarrhea through every food I’ve tried with her. I had her on Wellness in the beginning but she got a rash on her stomach and I took her off that. I put her on Earth Born and that caused diarrhea. I had her on Merrick for a while and that caused diarrhea. My mom gave her one of the Nutro carrot dog treats which caused diarrhea so I started checking dog food for carrot and was able to find a dog food called Open Farm. It has been great for her she hasn’t had diarrhea but now she is having patching fur and brittle nails. So I’m at my wits end I turned to a website like this bc I’ve tried every dog food that’s whole foods, not grain free, no carrot, doesnt have bad ingredients and the last one had fish so her dry skin shouldnt be dry. I need help anyone have any suggestions but it’s been a long battle.
    -Steph and Behr

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    Michelle K

    I’m so sorry you are going through this. I dont know if food allergies cause diarrhea or not, you may want to give the vet s call to discuss.
    My boy has so many food allergies. We had him tested at the vet. It was a blood test by VARL
    They actually give you a list of suggestions for food after they complete the test too.
    The one I use now is by blackwood. It’s a catfish blend. He is allergic to chicken, lamb and too many other things to name.
    Good luck.

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    Patricia A

    Stephenie first off so very sorry you’re going through this. Nothing worse then stress from seeing your pup is getting no relief after trying all these different foods. First I know my dogs ALWAYS had diarrhea when switching foods. So it’s possible your switching between too many too fast. It takes at times many weeks of a VERY, VERY slow introduction of a few kibble at a time. I use Open Farm for my two small dogs but just for treats because of the cost. I stay away from too much fat in food for my two. Even when I give home cooked if they have a little steak two days in a row it’s diarrhea time. Same with boiled salmon or even lean chop meat.My dogs are doing great on Stella and Chewy’s . If you go to their f/b page you’ll see all the posts from pet owners writing their dogs are doing very well on their food after having stomach upsets with other brands they tried. I use their RAW Coated chicken grain free. But they have limited ingredients and grain inclusive also. Just go VERY SLOWLY went introducing. I also got my two slowly used to Primal freeze dried as topper.. I only use the LOW in fat proteins such as turkey/sardine, rabbit, and occasionaly duck which they love. Stella’s also has freeze dried toppers. Here is their website . Stella’s has samples you can get in a pet supply store. I hope this helps. https://www.facebook.com/stellaandchewys/ https://www.stellaandchewys.com

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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