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Debra D

Not really sure what the best food for dogs is – raw, homemade, commercial?? Nutrition is a very tricky science – for humans and animals. But, I do know what is cost prohibitive – Dr Marty. Seriously – $30-50 for a 16oz bag. That doesn’t even feed my dog for a day, according to his weight. So that’s a minimum of $45 a day to feed my guy this food.
How can Dr Marty possibly suggest that this is an affordable way to feed your dog? That is what is agrivating to me – don’t market a product as affordable when it clearly is not.
I want the best for my dog, but I’ll stick with the mixture that I’ve been using – commercial dry (won’t mention names, but has seemingly decent ingredients) mixed with some raw meat (grass fed) or egg , some veggies and omega supplement. He also loves fruit. We buy organic for ourselves (fortunate to be able to afford that, but doesn’t come close to $45 a day) so, that’s what he gets too.

Recent Replies