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jamie L

I have MAJOR concerns about this food. #1, I bought two different types of the meat meals….Chicken and Turkey. I followed directions, added hot water….and honestly — I saw ZERO Meat.

Now, the meat could have been dyed green by the vegetables in there, but to me, there was a WHOLE lot of broccoli or spinach primarily…the patties are actually GREEN color when dried AND when wet. I then emailed them to ask them about meat content, and they basically have ZERO customer service, had ALL sorts of ‘excuses”…see email below in between the asteriks.

They seem overly defensive to me, and not very customer service oriented. Their food is VERY expensive, so it’s my RIGHT as a PAYING customer to ASK what I am getting for my money. I took pictures for them of all the food…again, I see ZERO meat…you’d think you would be able to SEE some meat in there??!! RIGHT?? I see NONE. Not in ANY of the batches…I think this company needs to be investigated.

As a matter of fact, I myself am going to go ahead and find somewhere that will test for protein content …I am VERY PiCKY about my dog food, and it’s my right to know WHAT I am buying for my pets…they clearly, from below, did not like me questioning them….that, to me, is a HUGE RED FLAG. Their treats LOOK like MEAT…which is why I questioned them so much on this……they said the treats are totally different from the main meals. Okay, great, but I still don’t see where the meat is in the main course food! My dogs did like the food, but to me….I believe in my personal opinion that I just paid $150 for a bunch of broccoli and spinach patties….ALSO, if they have been around TEN years….WHY have more of not heard of them?? Too many red flags for me, I will no longer be buying their food!

your message is very disturbing. We do, indeed, have a very unique dog food, so it’s understandable that you are not used to it. However, your suggestion that our biscuits do not contain meat is entirely false.

In fact, every biscuit is mostly meat. (please see ratio diagrams attached) All of our food recipes contain the the same ratio of meat to vegetables. Our recipes are exact and calculated, measured with accuracy and inspected for quality control every step of the way. We start with scientific requirements for vibrant wellness and never waiver. Science is our guide but Organic Mother Nature is our provider.

As you can see by the 2 attached images, we have a HUGE VARIETY of vegetables, fruits and herbs but they represent a relatively SAMLL PORTION of the biscuit. Our recipes have been the unwavering same for over a decade. All our biscuits are formed and packaged by hand, each one is also closely inspected. Our food is based on the philosophy of providing non-processed, human quality, organic ingredients for the healthiest dog food, so over-all, there is no normal – in the strict sense of the word.

Since we do not use any processing of our 100% organic, human grade ingredients each biscuit has a different look and feel. There is no way to avoid idiosyncratic differences in batches/ biscuits when individual ingredients are not pre-processed for uniformity. There is no way, ever, that one biscuit will look exactly like another. Sometimes, this can be more noticeable. Especially if, for example, the spinach is much darker, broccoli is much greener, the protein/meat mixture ratio is more light meat than dark, the blueberries are juicier or the apples more meaty than juicy, etc.

These are only a few reasons why our 100% organic, naturally air-dried products differ from batch to batch and even biscuit to biscuit. Every idiosyncratic inherent nature, of every single ingredient contributes to the biscuit in their own organic way. There is no difference in the volume of ingredients or the ratio of ingredients dehydrated in each biscuit.

As time goes by and seasons change, the natural inherent qualities of our human grade ingredients transform as well, there will be times when it’s more noticeable than at other times. Our food recipes are very UNLIKE our treats.
Treats such as Chicken & Pumpkin or Chicken & Apples have only 2 ingredients. Both Organic. Treats recipes are mostly pure muscle meat with a dash of antioxidant. Our food, however is a complete and balanced diet providing optimum nutrition and antioxidants.

For over 10 years, we’ve built a reputation of stellar integrity, excellent customer service and Most Trusted Dog Food in USA for 3 years in a row.

We hope this helps you better understand our products and