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Hi Devin,
That menu looks pretty good. 🙂 I would suggest a bit less oil and maybe cook the veggies a bit more (not sure how lightly you’re cooking them) as I’ve read that veggies do not get absorbed as nutritiously if they’re not cooked. It also helps to blitz or puree them rather than giving them whole, for some reason. You can then add bone broth to make a kind of slurry.

The reason I suggest less oil too is because oil is fatty, and too much fat can upset the tummy. You might want to also try, instead of veggie oil, fish oil. I use a sardine/anchovy oil , and it’s done wonders for my dog’s fur and coat – so soft and shiny! I believe there are fish oils you can get that also supply Vitamin E.

For the egg, another variation you can try is to soft-boil the egg so that the yolk stays fairly intact and runny. The yolk is very nutritious and cooking it does deplete some of the nutrients (from the heat). And finally, instead of eggshells, which could be sprayed with pesticides, you can instead give her a bone meal supplement. It’s a powder and provides plenty of good calcium/phosphorus supplements that your dog needs. Otherwise, lookin’ good!