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Octopus B –
You mentioned that your dog already gets chicken necks? If you happen to only give her one, can you increase that to 2 (given that she’s over 35lbs)? Or one every day?

I ask because I always found that anal gland issues involve the dog not being able to express them naturally because the stool is usually too soft. My dog had to get her glands expressed once a month, and if I’d know to give her foods that would produce firmer stools, I wouldn’t have wasted so much money getting them expressed at the vet’s!

Since I’ve switched my dog over to raw this past year, her poop is way firmer, and I know this is gonna sound so gross, but I can actually SEE the gland fluid dripping as she goes…not always, but occasionally. It’s a few drops, and then her actual poop. Also, no more butt scoots as well.

You can try other foods first or try what your vet recommended, but really, I think it’s a matter of firming up the stool so that the glands express naturally. Pumpkin, owelo carrots, and raw meaty bones help firm up poop.

And lastly, giving the chicken necks works as a natural toothbrush for dogs – if you give necks often, you may not need to give her the CET treats, which have ingredients that look a little ugh, IMO.

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