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Patricia A

You’re welcome Nicole. I hope the boiled white meat chicken n rice settles his stomach like it does for mine. The other week my one had diarrhea after eating and then throwing up her food. Turns out I noticed the next day them scratching at the ground and eating something. I ran over and scraped the ground and saw a few pieces of kibble. My other Chihuahua ran over to another spot and scrapping up and crunching again. The only thing I could think was that a neighbor was feeding a stray cat outside and a squirrel picked up the kibble and buried in different spots. So my one wasn’t bothered by cat kibble but my other most likely was sick from eating a few. Also when her stomach was emptied out from throwing up solid food, she started with the clear bile throw up from empty stomach. . I let her sleep for a few hours before giving just a tiny bit of the chicken with the rice so her stomach was not all empty. Did this for two days and then started her back on her diet and she’s been fine now. I just have to keep watching them in back yard making sure there is no more buried kibble. lol

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