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Patricia A

You might want to give Stella & Chewy’s a try. I know many pet owners comment on their f/b page and under reviews on their f/b page that they went through many foods but will eat Stella’s kibble and do very well with feeding their food https://www.facebook.com/pg/stellaandchewys/reviews/?ref=page_internal believe it’s high protein average fat and low carbs. As dogs forever suggested also that incorporating a little raw would be great. I myself use Stella’s alternating between their raw coated chicken grains free and also grain inclusive. No stomach trouble ever.e My two also are fed freeze dried in different brands with the flavors/proteins which are lower in fat since my one tends to get diarrhea also from the higher fat foods. Just make sure when introducing new kibble or other foods that you go VERY, VERY, VERY slowly. Hope this helps.

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