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Diann D

I’m having the same issues with my dog for a year now hi ALT and the other liver enzymes. I took him to a specialty vet out in Las Vegas oh my goodness the money that I have spent and zero results! So I did my research on the computer myself and asked my regular veterinarian and he had no solution for it as well until I went to the dermatologist because I started noticing that his Fur was thinning and then on top of his head he would get some blood blisters. So she told me he ended up getting a bacterial infection in his stomach that treating it and on his skin because when they keep licking their paws because his stomach’s bothering him that they spread a bacterial infection. Oh he looks a lot better his fur looks like it’s thickening up since he’s been on antibiotics problem is that they put him on antibiotics before just from the regular vet but they didn’t continue to fix his situation to find out what the problem was. The dermatologist told me to do a trial and eliminate chicken and beef she stated that any dog that’s been on food for many years anybody can gain a food allergy at any time. But you really got to be stricken all the treats have chicken, turkey, beef so I got him a lamb and a fish recipe so she told me about this dog food and wow was it expensive very good though quality and the dog loves it. So I tried they are doing your own kit and I purchase the ingredients it’s really all human grade food and a vitamin powder that you add in for some vitamins it’s Just food for dogs the food is fantastic I make it takes four hours out of a month for me I cut it I put it in a food processor and then I bake the lamb and the fish inside the oven I broke it all up mix it up put them in freezer baggies and it last me a month for two dogs best thing I ever did. So I’ll be going back to the veterinarian I actually switched because my other one wasn’t doing anything for me so I go back at the end of the month and we will check on those liver enzymes again I will keep you posted.

Recent Replies