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    My chi mix just had her annual exam. She’s a senior so I have a complete CBD panel done along with some other tests. Everything came back fine except her ALT count (liver enzyme) was sky rocket! Normal is 21-121 and hers was 501. Naturally I freaked out because she has zero signs of anything being wrong. She had a bile acid test, ULtrasound and the vet tested for Lepto just to rule out everything. Ultrasound came back clear (thank goodness) but vet said bile acid test showed a tad of inflammation. She said this could be due to a food allergy. I had been feeding her Primal raw at night and Instinct Raw Boost with Stella and Chewy meal mixers in the morning. The Stella and Chewy meal mixers are her FAVORITE even though I prefer Primal.

    My vet suggested that I start feeding ONLY duck to rule out a food allergy. I didn’t realize how many companies add turkey and/or chicken with Duck. Primal was easy because they make freeze dried duck. I purchased Zignature Duck and ordered Natures Instinct LID Duck. I also got some goat milk and can food to add more moisture. I purchased Rawz Duck and Rawbble Duck can wet food. Both are comparable. This is where my questions come in……has anyone experienced this before and the result was a food allergy? What food do people prefer (Zignature vs Instinct and RAWZ vs Rawbble wet)?

    My neighbors had the same thing happen with their small dog. They switched from ZiwiPeak to a low protein kibble and the ALT went down from the high 500’s to normal range. MY vet said high protein food would not cause the liver enzymes to go up or down. If this is true, I’m not sure how to explain my neighbors situation. Since adding more kibble vs solely raw at night, my dog poops at min 3x a day. When on raw, it was 1-2x times a day and much smaller. I will have more info once we test her levels again in a few weeks but am curious if anyone has experienced this and/or has any recommendations. Btw my dogs behavior hasn’t changed. If it’s a food allergy I will be surprised bc her stools have always and continue to be firm. She’s never had Diarrhea- knock on wood. Thanking you in advance.

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    I would stop all raw foods and all boutique foods and go with a bland food by a well known brand that employs a veterinary nutritionist. Example Purina Pro Plan Focus for sensitive skin and stomach or Fromm Adult Classic.
    Just add some water to the kibble plus a little canned food.
    Regarding goats milk: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2019/01/dont-give-raw-milk-to-your-pets/

    PS: You could always consider getting another vets opinion if you don’t see improvement soon. It’s easy nowadays to have test results and such faxed.

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    I have no idea if that could be caused by a food allergy but I would think your vet would know more than me, or anyone here for that matter. That said, my vet does say high protein diets can elevate liver enzyme count so who knows. Different vets seem to have different answers for everything.

    If I needed a simple duck based food I would personally go with Farmina. Protein is also more moderate if that is what you are looking for. It couldn’t hurt to lower the protein a bit. Dogs do not need 35%+ protein. Not that higher protein is necessarily bad, but if you suspect it may be causing problems with your dog you can certainly cut it down https://www.farmina.com/us/dog-food/n&d-quinoa-functional-canine/443-skin-&-coat-duck.html

    They also have a duck based canned food

    I would not feed Zignature right now as they have had quite a few links to DCM in dogs. Seems like a risky food until more is found out. I do not like Instinct either as most of their formulas are quite high in ash, calcium and phosphorus. I am not familiar with the other brands listed.

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    Resent question and answer over here that you may find helpful http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2016/07/more-nonsense-from-holistic-vets-about-commercial-therapeutic-diets/#comments

    March 9, 2019 at 8:45 am
    I have a dog weather liver count of 400 Alt for the last 4 months it was 800 Alt when I took her in 6 months ago the vet said she had elevated liver and slow slow heartbeat what should I feed my dog she is on denamarin I was wondering if I should give her Dr Marty’s propower on top of the denamarin or what else would you recommend for her liver and heart

    skeptvet says:
    March 10, 2019 at 2:28 pm
    I would recommend finding out what the problem is through appropriate diagnostic tests rather than using unproven supplements without knowing what they are supposed to be treating. If your regular vet is stumped, consider seeing an internal medicine specialist.
    Good luck!

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    You never mentioned your dog’s age? Is the dog over age 7?
    Slight anomalies in lab work are not unusual….
    I would consider making an appointment with a Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist.

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    Denne A

    I AM CURRENTLY HAVING THIS SAME ISSUE> My small Bichon Frise who is 11 yrs old, 17 lbs, had his dental cleaning today and when his blood levels were checked I was told his liver enzymes had increased from 90 in Oct 2018 to 190, she said its not alarming but it is an increase. About 2 yrs ago, I started added Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried mixins to his food and had no issues and he loved it! I then switched to the Extinct freeze dried topping brand to try it for a month and his enzymes shot up, once I took him off they normalized. I went back to Stella & Chewy and he has only had that the turkey flavor since. There has been no change to his diet from Oct 2018 until now other than occasional table foods. Should I stop the Stella mixins as well? Could this be the cause of the increase because the vets aren’t sure what could be causing it. Has anyone else had this issue with this brand?

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    joanne l

    I just wanted to chime in here, there are several things that can cause this, one of them is toxins, cushion disease and diabetes, mold on food. However, if anyone suspects diet to be the cause than change it. Since toxins and mold are two of the possible causes than maybe it could be the food. I am not a vet I just read and try to help to the best of my knowledge.

    I just found this article: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/what-that-liver-enzyme-test-is-telling-you/
    There are 4 or 5 liver enzymes and what they do. So I guess it depends on what liver enzymes are high. Ask your vet which ones were high and maybe that can help narrow down the cause.

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