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Linda P

Mike L and CZ Riley, Thank you both for sharing your experience with Galliprant! Our
16 y/o Border Collie has osteoarthritis. We started out with Rimadyl She then became very sick with vomiting; her food, yellow stomach acid and foam. She also had diarrhea mixed with blood and mucus. Vet stopped Rimadyl and did testing. Our girl was then diagnosed with Pancreatitis and prescribed Hills Digestive Care Low Fat i/d Dog Food along with meds to treat her pancreatitis. Once stable she started on Rimadyl again. Months later she had a flare of Pancreatitis. More meds to treat that and changed arthritis med to Galliprant. I noticed her doing odd things such as staring at the wall, she would walk into corners as though she forgot where the doorways are. She appeared to be confused most of the time. She also started dodging head pats or any kind of movement too close to her as though something or someone was about to to hit her. She batts her eyes and tries to avoid whatever she thinks is happening. After discussing with our Vet she suggested the Canine Adequan injections. We were in the multiple beginning doses and not yet to the maintenance only doses when our furbaby became very sick again. Her liver enzymes were off the charts and her RBC was elevated. I was terrified she was going to die. Vet said to stop all meds but to give her the liver supplement Denamarin (life long) and two different antibiotics. She wanted to recheck her in two weeks.
She was also diagnosed the same day with Gallstones after a ultrasound. Went back in two weeks and her RBC was normal one liver enzyme was normal but the other liver enzyme was still off the charts. They also tested her bile to help determine liver function without doing a biopsy of her liver. Bile and liver function was within normal the Vet said. We were allowed to start back on the Galliprant. The next day she slowly started acting odd and confused again. I then realized while she was off the Galliprant her mental health and confusion was much better. Unfortunately and according to our Vet, unless we want to try the laser therapy on her spine and hips, the Galliprant is all that’s being offered for our girl now. It’s a miracle she survived this entire ordeal. The Vet acted as though nobody has ever suggested Galliprant can cause confusion, dementia like symptoms and dismissed my concern. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m certain it must be the Galliprant that causes our furbaby to have this confusion. Just not sure what else we an do about it at this point.

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