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Walter P

To extract blood from their host, fleas first “spit” into the place where they are going to bite to dilute the blood enough to suck it into their throats.

The saliva released during this process is what causes most allergic reactions in pets or people.

The allergic reactions, in turn, cause much of the itching leading to skin damage from the scratching.

Thus the bite of even one flea, for a sensitive person or pet, can result in severe skin problems that can last for weeks to months.

This sensitivity can be eliminated by returning the pet to health with holistic approaches.

Some dogs and cats are practically immune to flea bites, but there are others who develop flea allergy dermatitis which causes intense itchiness, pain and swelling etc.

Dog itching remedies

Vitamin E.
Just like it’s excellent for your skin, and help clear up wrinkles, Vitamin E also helps soothe the dog’s itchy skin and make it healthy.

You can use chamomile tea and herbal tea.

Put it in a sprayer, then put it in the fridge and let it chill.

Oatmeal for dog itching.
Now you’ve probably heard of this one before, but it is one of the tops, and it works.

Oatmeal will soothe your dog’s itchy skin, so grind it up in a coffee grinder or a blender, and rub it into your dog’s skin.

Source: Natural Remedies To Cure Dog’s Itchy Skin