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jim N

our rescue silk terrier apx 10 years old suffered from extreme diarrhea with blood and mucus beginning bout 5 years ago, after a bunch of vet visits and Rx $$$$ he would recover then revert. we tried chicken and rice, recommended by many and found many dogs are allergic to chicken. we tried every brand and specie of dog food. same result. we then were recommended by vet to put our dog on a strict hydrolyzed protein diet and it is working out very well for him. it has been about 3 years on this diet and he has very few episodes if we watch what he eats. If we give him table scraps, which he loves, even tiny amounts, we can see results next day in his too soft poop. we have another dog, a malteepoo King Charles about the same size and weight and they eat side by side as best buddies. he has no dietary issues but…we had to put out only one kind of food, because they share everything. so now both dogs have been on Rx hydrolyzed protein by Royal Cannin for a few years and both are doing very well. Occasionally we supplement their diet with canned pumpkin and it helps with constipation or loose stool. we are never sure what they eat as they are roaming around in dog parks.
it is about 2.5x the price of other quality dog food. for our pups it is a no brainer as we thought the silky would die from the problem. I am now looking at probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes to help both dogs with digestion and good health. PS they eat grease too often, hence the probiotic thoughts