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Sheila J

Hi Susan. I know this is a very old post I’m replying to. How is Patch? My dog, Walter Boxer Dog, has had , and still has pancreatitis. But, it doesn’t always mean that’s what he’s suffering from. For years, and thousands of dollars, we have taken Walter in because of the same symptoms as Patch. Everytime we were told it’s pancreatitis. We knew there was something else, but we were treated like we don’t know our dog.. he kept getting more sickly, puking after every meal, or every dring of water he took. And it was sudden, he would spray half way across the kitchen. Finally enough is enough. Took him to a different vet, and he checked his pancreas… It pancreas was perfect. He went on to say allergies. Shots and that damn hills bros z/d.. boy did he push that z/d. Walter seemed to get better for a month, then it’s been all down hill since then. Kept taking him to the vet every other week, and a few emergency visits, thousands of dollars, and he just kept pushing that damn dog food. 5 months of this. I did some reading and I had some questions and when I asked the vet, he was pissed off, he said, who you gonna trust, menit the internet. Well, not him considering he kept giving the same treatment even though it was obviously not working. Both of the vets said it might be us, who are causing Walter to be sick, because we want to believe he is, even when he’s not. Our auras. Well, off to a 3rd vet. This time we found out what is causing our dog to lose 30 pounds cause he can’t keep his food down and is in pain all the time. Scar tissue! Scar tissue from his 2 surgeries. There’s nothing they can do, now. It’s in a spot where his pancreas intestines and stomached all meet. She said maybe a specialist could help, but Walters body has started to form blood vessels in the scar tissue and the pancreas is feeding that way. His intestines have stretched out as large as his stomached from all those years of his food not going through like it should and backing up. We have soent, what might end up being his last years of life, I’d say about 20 thousand dollars for him to be miserable. Now, we have nothing left for a specialist that he needs to possibly or not, save him. So, if your dog has been in any kind of trauma, or has surgeries, or anything that may cause scar tissue, get it checked out ASAP before it’s too late. Lots of times they can scrape it and there’s no problems. So, in the long run, you’d save money and unnecessary suffering for you and Patch. Just a suggestion. We really have no options. Walter is only 6 and I want him to see 7 8 10. So, anyone have any thoughts on castor oil? We have no other options to save him. I heard castor oil softens scar tissue. Well, it’s the only thing we have left. Susan, I hope you and Patch can nip this in the butt, and have many years together. Remember, you know your dog the best, not your vet. Go to another vet if yours is not doing any good. Don’t waste your time money and Patch getting the same diagnosis, but no improvments .