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Mike, PugsMomSandy, et al.,

I’m having a lot of difficulty posting, w/posts not showing up both here in forum and on non-forums pages. Could someone please help? I am sorry to bother you, but would appreciate any help.

With the one in forums, I tried twice and the system seems to recognize that I posted (e.g. 1)telling me that this appears to be a duplicate post, when I try a second time to post it, 2)showing my names as the last poster to the thread) but the post is not visible.

The second was a reply to someone on Mike’s article about dental health & dry food — also not showing.

Both contain a link or two, if that may be the cause of the problem today. But normally I can post with links and others seem to be able to do so today.

Weeks ago I attempted to post on a food review page, and it was filtered out as possible “spam.” Then the system said it was working to fix this, as not spam. Nothing changed. I emailed guest support for help, using the contact us page here, but I either did not receive a reply or somehow did not see one. Still, no post appears on the page. (There is a record of the post on the separate page showing my Disqus replies.)