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Marcie D

I use a toothbrush and dog enzymatic toothpaste but I am bad and I only brush when we are grooming however I have fed Oma’s pride raw pet diets for over 20 years and my last dogs were 16, never had their teeth cleaned and their teeth were white and breath fresh. I also give raw bones when they are lying around outside. When we are going in I take the bones, wash them off under the hose and put them back in a plastic bag in the freezer. I have an 11 year old mix, 10 year old GSD, 6 year old GSD and all are on raw, get bones occasionally and they all have the same white teeth and great breath. After I learned how to clean their teeth in college for Veterinary technology, I said I would never do that again to my dogs. Sorry Vets, I realize how necessary it is for many dogs but I think I have found a better way, at least for us. 🙂