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william M

@anonymous, I get you want to lean on science. But this Science is the same that has kept cancer alive in humans and tells you in 1976 that your going to have your brains fried by an ozone hole then in 1983 tell you we are entering an ice age and today are telling us greenland will be our next tropical paradise…..and all of them gave a 20 year timeline for affect. Not that science isnt good, but I would challenge you and your science to visit me in ALASKA about 4 degrees north of valdez and watch my local wolf pack. Two things your gonna notice…none of them have been found alongside the road dead from a chicken bone in their throats, and they been proliferating quite well for the last several thousand years without your scientific friends. Granted all the allergies and the anomalies seem to come with the housebound, apartment dwelling critters and many of the overbred experiments by the AKC. Might spend a bit more time watching national geo and seeing how your racoon and weasel survive so well without all the help.