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    Saiah J

    Hi Christina!
    I noticed you haven’t received a reply to this post yet.
    I have a Pug too! His name is Jeff. He also has a very sensitive stomach. So much so, that I started feeding him nothing but homemade food. So I knew exactly what he was eating. It’s difficult to know what’s actually inside store bought dog food. So many preservatives, additives and minimal nutrition.
    We tried 3 different kinds of dry dog food. Ranging from cheap to expensive. We also tried various kinds of wet food. He would always end up with an upset stomach.
    Since I started feeding him this diet, he has been so much happier. I also noticed his irritated skin has calmed down a lot.

    This recipe makes about 15 meals. (1 metric cup per meal) Which is a normal portion size for a Pug.
    I will list the ingredients and method below 🙂

    3 cups brown rice
    1 cup peas
    2 large sweet potatoes (diced)
    2 large carrots (diced)
    1 large Zucchini (diced or shredded)
    Green beans (finely chopped)
    Lastly, a meat of your choice. I use chicken breast (1.5 lbs) diced. You can use frozen or fresh. I buy my chicken breast in large frozen bags for convenience.

    1. Cook the brown rice
    2. boil peas, sweet potato, carrot and green beans. You can add zucchini now, or later. Whichever you prefer. I usually just throw all the veggies into the same pot and boil until cooked.
    3. cook chicken in fry pan
    Add everything together and mix thoroughly. Divide into ziplock bags and freeze / defrost at your convenience.

    Hope you find this helpful!

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