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    I am perplexed, confused and sad right now. ” I feed Acana” and I also breed” I have run the mill of dog food recalls for many years and finally was happy with not only the results of how well my dogs do on Acana but knowing it was one of the best foods out there for them. I have always cooked for my dogs as well and add it to their kibble. Except for our puppies. I am pretty strict with that as not to send them home being used to cooked meats like my adult dogs. But this law suit ??? Right now I have stopped using the Acana and am now adding veg, and pasta , and rice to my own dogs food ” Am not sure where to go with the puppies. How do I not give my dogs the Acana but continue to give it to the puppies??? Does not make sense.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)