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    Moon L

    I noticed that after reading Rachel Rays Nutrish which my cat loves the food is made in Thailand. and I AM NOT BUYING AND GIVING HER ANYTHING MADE IN THAILAND.. the fish can be bad and she is losing weight.. its good she is but she does not eat too much moist. I give her only Urinary food which she loves and eats 1 time a day plus dry. The other picky cat is on only Urinary since she was born.. so they are both 13 yrs old and in good shape. I only give them 2 bowls of water each one likes her special bowl which is white insides.. did you know that cats can only see White and Grey.. so fancy colors they do not see for the water too?

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    Tina C

    Y’all!!!! I thought I was crazy! This dog food made my poor baby so sick. Didn’t know what was going on . He had horrible diarrhea and was vomiting for a month, I took him to the vet they weren’t sure what was going on . I switched him back to Iams he was fine. I thought he got better because of the meds he got from the vet but then a few days ago I bought the RR Nutrish again and he started all the gastrointestinal probs once again. So back to the store I went . Got the Iams and he is fine . IDK what is in that RR food but it’s not good.

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    Diana Prince

    All dog food purchased in a supermarket is bad and toxic for dogs. Period.

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