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    My dog has been on Rachel ray zero grain for awhile now. (Probably 5 months) The last month or so he’s been pretty miserable. The vet was convinced that it was a result of exposure to pesticides (my lovely condo complex didn’t put up signs they sprayed). My dog (2 year old rescue cocker) had bloody diarrhea, started vomiting, was lethargic, dehydrated – the whole nine yards. Testing showed high WBC, low platelets, and high liver enzymes. We put him on a prescription diet to help with his stomach (hills i/d). He went back to normal after about a week. Blood counts stabilized. No vomiting. Normal poos.

    This was 4th of July weekend.

    Recently transitioned him back to his normal food – rr zero grain. And the same bag as before that was opened probably a week prior to the original incident. Blood started showing up in his poo again. Back to the vet this morning. Got an alarming call from the vet (I dropped him off) that he had an accident and he pooped an alarming amount of blood. He’s currently getting a battery of new tests. I’m very worried. I’m also obviously going to throw this food out ASAP but I have the bag with the lot number in a sealed container. Has anyone else had this problem with this food?! I’m very, very concerned. And now I’m probably looking at $1000 of vet bills over a 4 week period. I just want my little man better.

    I’m assuming he’s going back on the prescription food at this point. I just want to know of anyone has had similar experiences of has any recommendations. If he does have to go back to regular food I recently became a bjs wholesale member and will put him on earth pride duck and veggies which is a 5 star food and has good reviews.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
    Keep your fingers crossed for my little guy.

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    Hi Clarie, Its probably an ingredient in the Rachel Ray that he either cant digest or the fat% or protein% is too high, compare this with his Hills i/d prescription diet kibble & see, Im trying the Wellness Simple at the moment, when you try a new kibble try to stay around the same fat% & protein % as the vet prescription diet & see how the little man goes, I was speaking to a nutritionist the other day about all Patches health problems,
    I rescued him 20months ago at the age of 4yrs old He said that he see this all the time with rescued dogs, then he said, Patch probably had a very poor diet when he was a pup & was probably starved, that broke my heart a bit, what some of these poor dogs go thru…

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    When I got him out of the shelter at 8 months he was very very thin. He was someone’s Christmas gift they decided they didn’t want by February. I know his diet wasn’t very good as a little guy. He wasn’t treated very well – he came out of the shelter terrified of men. 🙁

    Vets diagnosis today is pancreatitis, colitis, or both. As of right now the vet wants him on i/d low fat indefinitely. Tests in early July were negative for pancreatitis but were positive today. There’s definitely something in the food that his insides can’t take. Poor guy is gonna have a tough adjustment to a life without cookies. He loooooves cookies.

    Still aren’t sure of a cause of all this. Hoping he’s on the road to recovery. July hasn’t been a good month for the pup.

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    Poor boy, Patch has Pancreatitis & IBD, at first Patches vet said colitis, cause he was pooing light red blood, they’re awful illnesses, you have to read every label to see the fat% & Patch has troubles with protein, it cant be too high, has to be under 24%, he was put on Vet diet Eukanuba Intestinal, he’s been on the Eukanuba Intestinal for 11 months then finally our Pet Barn got the “Wellness Simple” Duck & Oatmeal..so far this has been the only kibble that has agreed with Patch as well as his Intestinal.. I’m so slowly introducing the Simple, I’m halfway, so far Patch is doing good, no acid reflux, poos are excellent, Poos are better on the Simple then on the Intestinal….I make Patches biscuits, you’ll find a recipe for no fat cookies on the net, I have a few cookies dog recipes if needed, there’s a group on Yahoo called “dogpancreatitis” you see what other people are using & doing with their dogs…..hope he gets well soon…

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    I just joined the dog pancreatitis group – thanks so much for pointing me that way. Lots of good information there. 🙂

    I baked some of his wet food last night so he can have some “treats.” He’s not very excited about his new diet, but he seems to be feeling a little bit better. Seems like it will take some getting used to. Going to keep an eye on him today and see if we’re going to make a trip back to the vet tomorrow morning. Hoping his poos start looking a little bit better this afternoon.

    Once his tummy is stabilized I’ll definitely look for some no fat cookie recipes! He also might like some dehydrated veggies. Looks like I may have an excuse for a new kitchen gadget to make the little man some dehydrated snacks too. I think for the next few weeks he needs to stick to his diet to get his insides figured out. Poor little guy. It’s so good to know that all this is manageable though!

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    carol s

    I lost Harley to what was determined liver failure. PJ has been sick with itchy festered ears and itchy skin and diarrhea for over a year off and on. No meds or treatment took it completely away. PJ’s blood work comes back he is fine but he is not. I took PJ off the Rachel Ray Nutrish and grain less foods that I periodically but recently exclusively feed them, thinking it was healthy. In fact I took him off dog food completely 2 days ago. I realize I missed the pattern that when I fed them Rachal Rays Nutrish or grain less dog food is when the problems would begin. In the two days of PJ being off the food he is almost cleared up. I have fed him nothing but my own cooked meats and vegetables. Yes, I am using meds and ear solution and bathing him with special shampoo as well. However, he has been on these meds in the past and not responded this quickly. I now truly believe this dog food killed my Harley and has made my PJ sick. After reading all the reviews of people whose dogs had all the symptoms mine had, I am saddened that I didn’t think to look into it sooner. While I can’t prove anything I am convinced Harley would still be with me today if I had never fed food this to him. If your dogs are eating this dog food I highly suggest you stop. The symptoms are not easily noticed in the beginning they can become less active because they are not feeling well. Which is what I realized Harley was going through at first. Other symptoms are diarrhea, blood in stools, vomiting black which is blood, Itchy to severe rashes. I kept taking them both to the vet and in the past year I have spent over $2,000 on medications, special shampoos and skin supplements when all along I believe it was the food I was feeding them.

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    Philip R

    Stop that Rachael Ray dog food garbage dog
    food now. I saw the Racheal Ray beef dog food, and decided this looks good read over the ingredients and choose it over Purina dog food.Next day my dog kept falling over not being able hold himself up then shaking like he was having seizures..All while doing the darkest diarhea that i ever seen 4 different times he could’nt even go on the dog pad likes he’s done many years. He even soiled my carpet all while shaking and falling on top of it. Next day it started all over again this time diarhhea with blood.

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    Mary D

    Yes!!!! It is the food! This food threw my dog into acute pancreatitis and we don’t know if he’s even going to make it.
    Pooping pure fresh blood. Also vomiting and diarrhea. Lethargy. Refusing even water. Have him on pedialyte, water 50:50. He seems better now since we stopped it. The food is HORRIBLE for your dog and has the second lowest rating of ANY dog food and I am getting an attorney for my and my dogs pain and suffering. They’re going to regret the day they made my dog so sick.

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    Mary D


    Read this! Dog food nutrish is absolutely terrible for dogs. Has ingredients from PAINT and everything.

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    Mary D

    I also thought that I would mention that the version of the Nutrish that we gave Rusty was NOT the grainless version. It’s ALL of their food.

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    Bought Rachel Ray Zero Grain dog food at the recommendation of our vet.

    Our dog has had 2 episodes of bloody stool as well as vomit. Took it to the Vet emergency room on Monday as our regular vet was closed. It appears everything was normal after blood analysis except it was dehydrated.

    The vet provided some subcutaneous fluid and an antibiotic: Metronidazole.

    Oliver is 14.5 lbs.
    We now feed him 4 meals/day a mixture of:
    1/2 cup of boiled skinless chicken thigh (boiled with some chicken bouillon flavor)
    1/2 cup of pure pumpkin puree
    1/2 cup of rice

    When can I go to a dog food diet other than Rachel Ray?


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    Follow up with your regular vet, make an appointment within the next few days.
    Isn’t that what the emergency clinic told you? Take a look at the discharge instructions.
    Assuming the dog is stable, if not take him to the vet sooner.
    Did the vet advise the diet that you are feeding? If not, I would go by what was recommended.
    Add water to meals.
    Maybe he’s not a water drinker and he became dehydrated.

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    Thanks so much.
    The Vet ER recommended the plain chicken. When we went back on Mon and told her we were putting him on this diet. She OKed it. Will add some lightly salted water from the bouillon to the meal. Oliver lovers it. Spunk and poo back to normal.
    I guess don’t change things when they are going well.
    The recommended calories for a 14 lbs dog is 25cal/lbs per day for total of 350 Cals.
    We feed him: 50 cals of pumpkin pack, 160 cals of chicken, 121 cal of rice Total: 331 Cal/day.
    He needs to lose another lbs…
    Again thanks.

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    I like zignature kibble as a base, I always add a little water, and a bit of boiled chicken or something.
    I would imagine he should be on the special diet for at least a few days, maybe a week?

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    Hi Boris-Frank,
    Did you slowly introduce the new Racheal Rays kibble over 7-10 days, when you try another new kibble slowly introduce over 7 days? Bloody stools can be from food sensitivities, he’s probably sensitive to any ingredient in the Rachel Rays kibble & has reacted this happened with my boy when I first got him I thought he had Parvo it was awful all he was doing was diarrhea red blood, later found out he has IBD & is sensitive to certain ingredients..

    Look at “Canidae Pure Petite small breed formula’s have limited ingredients & Canidae All Life Stages formula’s, Canidae is for dogs with sensitive stomach/bowel, my boy does well on Canidae All Life Stages “Platinum” & “Canidae Pure Wild” Boar formula.
    Canidae grow their own vegetables & source the other ingredients from local farmers…… here’s Canidae’s web page https://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products

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    Yes we did. Always mixing it in slowly with the old food.
    We’ll stick with chicken, pumpkin, and rice for another 2-3 weeks then will replace the rice slowly with something with a good formula like Canidae.
    Is it store bought or by mail?

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    Ravae L

    In 2014 my Izzy was just about to turn 5 she was a sweet energetic Yorkie. I had switched her food to Rachel Ray… she had gotten diarrhea so bad one day it was all over her back side. When I picked her up to put her in the bath she was so skinny I took her straight to the vet who did a bunch of tests and said she was in liver failure. We did everything we could for the next week and then she passed away…month later we were fostering a Shih Tzu who was 4 years old. I was feeding him the rest of the rest of the Rachel Ray food, took him to the vet for a full check up and the vet called and asked me to bring him back in a week for a follow up because of his liver levels. He had already finished the food and when I took him back they were normal. I believe without a doubt that food killed my baby!!!

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    Hi Ravae,
    Sorry for your loss, I hope your new rescue is doing much better now…..
    Do you know why a dog gets liver failure from a kibble, the kibble is high in contaminates & toxins.. google “*******************” you’ll see a company that completed a study of 1,084 pet products 80 brands, 5 stars brands that did really well when tested were,
    I & Love & You grain free naked esssentials lamb & bison, I Love & You naked essentials Duck & chicken formula’s were best formula’s 1st & 2nd 5 star dog foods, Canidae Pure formulas, Under The Sun, all of Artemis Fresh Mix formula’s, a few of the Nutro Natural Chioce grain free formula’s, a few Purina one, Purina Beyond Simply 9 formula’s got 5 stars… those brands were very good & then there’s was some brands of kibbles that were very high in contaminates & toxins, Racheal Ray had 3 bad formula’s that got 1 star & a few Racheal Ray formula’s got 3 stars.
    If you can its best to feed cooked meals & maybe 1 of the meals feed a dry kibble..

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    Shiloh H

    I have two amazing Boston Terriers and every time I feed them Rachel Ray’s food they end up with worms. My vet prescribed and intensive round of dewormer, plus their regular heart worm preventative, and they’ll be worm free for about 2 weeks, and as soon as I start feeding this food to them again, they end up with worms again. I’m able to narrow it down to this food because I have tried other foods, including a prescription diet, that did not result in my pups getting these parasites. It seems like the pattern of them being clear of worms then getting them again too closely relate to feeding them Rachel Ray’s Nutrish dog food.

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    Hate to tell you this Shiloh but that’s just not possible. Unless the food is being exposed to of the worms while you’re storing it. Your dog likely has fleas. Or if you treat your dog and are absolutely positive (get flea comb and check to be sure) they don’t have a single flea on them then your neighbors pets has fleas and they’re in your yard and your dogs while outside pottying are licking the grass or licking something with the eggs on it. The eggs can’t live through certain conditions so they would die after packaging due to the conditions most foods are bagged under and they aren’t in the food because kibble is cooked at insane temps killing pretty much any nutritional value and any bugs that may be in it.

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