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    Chloe B

    Hi, I have a very happy 10 year old corgi who has been diagnosed with colitis — she has gone through a lot of tests to rule out other things, but at this point we’re not sure what is causing it –she’s a rescue and has had it since she was rescued. We’ve had her 3 months. I’m wondering whether anyone else has their dog on a food that they’ve had good luck with? I don’t want to feed her raw diet. I’d love to hear about your experience and what has worked, thank you.

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    Have you tried a prescription/therapeutic diet? Surely your vet has suggested it. Otherwise, keep the diet bland, at least till she is stable.

    See what your vet advises. Do you have dog health insurance? Find a vet that you trust (if you don’t have one already,) and discuss.
    Corgis are very loyal, she may be still grieving her former family. Her condition may be stress related.
    Good luck

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    Chloe B

    Thanks, yes she has been on Hills i/d diet and Royal Canin Ultamino per vet’s recommendations, but neither has made a change in her stools. At this point they said to try whatever I wanted to see whether there is any difference. They originally thought it might be stress related, and it might still be, but she is a very happy and sweet dog and loves everyone she sees, so I don’t see behaviors like that.

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    joanne l

    Ask your vet about probiotics that seems to help with stress, digestive disorders etc. There is one called pro plan Forti flora I am using it right now and it seems to help.

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    Hi Chloe,
    Best to get her into a strict routine, eat same times, walk same times etc, dogs love routine & she’ll start to stress less & start to relax more, have you heard of “Rescue Remedy” drops? the human & the dog drops are the same, put 1-2 drops on her tongue morning & night, my Patch is a stress head & stresses himself out, he was diagnosed with Colitis when I first rescued him Nov 2012, age 4yrs old, he was pooing sloppy poos, jelly poos, poos with streaks of red blood thru the poo, he was put on vet diet Royal Canin, Hypoallergenic HP dry food, but it didn’t seem to help his stomach & bowel made his coat nice shiney, then after trying Hills I/d Digestive Care dry formula’s, we tried “Eukanuba Intestinal” Low Residue dry kibble, it firm up Patches poos, nice small poos, the Eukanuba is low in fiber but the Eukanuba Intestinal made him have itchy, smell yeasty skin problems….
    Patches vet said Colitis can be from food sensitivities & all the vet diets we had tried had Chicken, Rice, Oats or Barley etc vet told me to look for a grain free limited ingredient food. I read on IBD f/b group alot of dogs were doing really well “Taste Of The Wild” Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon, this was before TOTW added the Chickpeas to their formula’s, Patches poos were beautiful & firm but he was vomiting up the TOTW Smoked Salmon once a week, back then I didnt know to stay away from fish dry pet foods as they are high in toxins & contaminates, so I started Patch on “TOTW Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb” formula & he did great on the TOTW Roasted Lamb formula still does great on the TOTW Roasted lamb formula…..I live Australia & we do not have all the Chickpeas & Lentils in our Salmon & Lamb TOTW formula’s, Legumes can cause Intestinal stress with some dogs who have IBS, IBD & EPI….

    Have you tried a limited ingredient dry kibbles that just have 1 meat protein with Sweet Potatoes or Potato?. Potato & Sweet Potatoes seem to firm up poo’s
    Have a look at
    * “Natural Balance” Potato & Duck LID” it is lower in Fiber -3% has NO peas, No Pea Protein, no chickpeas, no lentils, or there’s “NB Sweet Potato & Bison LID” it is 4%-Fiber & just has Pea Protein or “NB Sweet Potato & Venison LID” it has 5% fiber & has the Pea Protein cause Venison & Bison are both expensive meats, so they add either pea protein, or lentils or chickpeas to up the Protein %, its better feed lean white meats like Turkey Chicken or Pork for dry pet foods & white fish if you’re cooking but no fish in a pet food…..Chicken isnt expensive like other proteins Kangaroo, Venison, Bison, Goat, you’re getting more meat protein & not more plant proteins in your dog food, or “NB Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Small Bites LID” 4%-Fiber, has no peas or pea protein but it has Rice Bran, out of all the NB LID formula’s the Potato & Duck formula seem best, then the Sweet Potato & Bison or Venison formula’s, You wont know until you try one of teh formula’stry & find a Pet Shop who sells the NB or Wellness Simple formula’s, so you can take it back & return, exchange for another LID if she has sloppy poo/diarrhea, I just say to pet staff, Patch is havinngbad gas then diarrhea & now he won’t eat it no more & as long as the kibble bag isn’t empty, pet shops have a Palability money back guarantee…

    There’s also the Natural balance LID wet can food, the NB Chicken LID formula has the lowest fat at 3.5%min, you will have to email N/B & ask can you have the max fat % after it’s converted to dry matter, it should be around 10%min-14%max fat, just becareful with wet can foods that aren’t low fat vet diets as the pet shop wet can foods haven’t been converted, so when you see 4% min fat or 5%min fat, when you convert the 5%min fat that’s around 17%min to 26% max fat %…
    Here’s the Natural Balance dry formula’s & ingredients..
    alot of dogs who have IBS, IBD do very well on the Natural Balance formula’s the fat & protein isn’t high & N/B has LID…

    My boy does well on this ” Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult formula.
    & this “Wellness Simple” Turkey Meal & Potatoes

    She mighten have been feed a dry food, she may have been feed cooked food what her owner ate?? have you tried lightly boiling Chicken or turkey breast & some boiled Sweet potato or potato & some boiled pumkin? feed 1 cooked meal for 1 of her meals & a dry LID food for her other meals also feed her 3-4 smaller meals thru the day….
    Is she in good condition or does she look like she is in bad condition for a 10yr old dog? is her coat nice & shiney, does she have all her fur, no bold patches, does she still have all her teeth, are her teeth still nice & white?

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    Stephanie S

    Diamond Taste of the Wild Class Action Lawsuit!

    Due to food allergies, my two dogs have (had) been on TOTW Pacific Stream for years. In June, 2018, my dogs became extremely ill (vomiting, bloody diarrhea) following two feedings from a newly opened bag. Three months and over $4,000 in vet bills later, my dogs are still trying to recover after eating TOTW’s poison. And, it is poison! You may already be aware, but on August 28, 2018, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Diamond Taste of the Wild dog food (http://truthaboutpetfood.com/taste-of-the-wild-pet-food-class-action-lawsuit/). TOTW’s Pacific Stream, Roasted Bison & Venison and the Puppy formulas have tested positive for arsenic, bpa, cadmum, mercury, lead, total pesticide and acrylamide. Many people have been posting complaints on ConsumerAffairs.com, Amazon.com, Chewy.com reporting symptoms similar to what my dogs are experiencing. Others are posting complaints regarding their dogs suddenly developing itching problems. A couple of people have even posted about their dogs dying after they began vomiting and having bloody diarrhea.

    So stay away from TOTW dog food!!

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