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    My puppy (10mo. old/50lbs.) farts all the time.
    No sound, just stench.
    I have fed him very expensive puppy food … Solid Gold Wolf Cub …
    was advised by my vet to add a tablespoon of yogurt (did not help).
    He is energetic, goes #2 twice a day, NO diarrhea, gets walked and uses a treadmill, gets play time at least 4 times a day.
    Great shiny coat, bright eyes.
    Just the farting is so gross and so constant.
    Is there such a thing as a product like ‘Beano’ for dogs?
    I love my puppy and have had many other dogs but never one that had a gas problem.
    It’s really gross and embarrassing when company comes over.

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    I answered you on the other thread you posted on, but would like to add that kefir, found near the yogurt in the grocery, has 10 strains of probiotics where yogurt only has 3. However, your dog could also have issues with digesting milk products.

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    Here is a link to a chapter about flatulence. Hope you will find some information that will help you resolve the issue.

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    My pup used to have silent killer farts too. It only went away after adding probiotics and digestive enzymes. I started using those a couple years ago. Now I only use them a couple times a week and my dogs can eat various types of food and flavors without any issues.

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    Try a grain free food. Does that one you’re currently feeding have barley in it? Barley makes my guys gas, big time!

    I like Fromm 4star (the grain free lines only). I also have good experiences with PetGuard Lifespan (none of the other formulas, lifespan only!) Although it does contain rice and oatmeal, it sits well with dog tummies and no farting 🙂

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    I have much the same problem with my 6 month old Bouvier. Tried yogurt and kefir both gave him the runs so the dairy must be an issue. I’m looking into probiotics in pill or powder form. In the meantime I read that you can give dogs Beano or GasX so I guess I’ll be trying that. Any other info would be much appreciated!

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    Have you tried digestive enzymes? The yogurt and Kefir both contain probiotics but not enzymes. I’m not sure about the Beano or GasX.

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    Haven’t tried enzymes. Is there a brand or type you recommend? I also read earlier today that the probiotics might make the problem slightly worse before it gets better. Has anyone had this experience?

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    I’m using total-zymes powder right now with success. The only time they have gas is after I feed them sardines for some reason. They get fish farts! Lol! It is a little expensive and I’m going to try a cheaper brand next to see if it still works. Good luck!

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    I’m really liking Swanson’s. I tried Mercola’s and it was OK, but Swanson’s is great.

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