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    Sheryl G

    We have been feeding our Tibetan Terriers(both 36-38 lbs) what we thought was a quality dog food but have recently begun reading about dog food and am totally lost. Protein, no protein.Our 90 year old has liver disease. Not the terrible one but one that is pretty under control with 4 meds a day and periodic blood work. I had decided one one then read about not having a high protein food with liver or kidney disease. My vet isn’t concerned because he is doing pretty well. Do you think we should just stay with the Iams ProActive Mature adult kibbles or change? I am thinking now that about 24% protein would be good. I heard about NOW by Pet Curran would be good with 24%. I cannot find it reviewed here anywhere. Does anyone know about it? Made in Canada. Thanks for any help you may have. P.S. I have another dog but will make that a separate topic. Thanks again. Cherri

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    Hi Sheryl-

    I firmly believe there are two kinds of researching that can be done- researching and “researching”. One is reading peer review research articles published by professionals in the field of canine disease and nutrition and the other being reading consumer reports and opinions of pet parents who may or may not have accurate information. The ladder will cause your head to spin as the opinions change depending on which website you go to, who you talk to, etc.

    There very well could be a better option out there for your dog than Iams, but I think that is a decision that should be made by you and your vet or a veterinary nutritionist who is familiar with liver disease and what role diet plays in managing it. You can do over the phone or email consulations with various nutritionists who can help you make an informed decision on what diet would be best.

    I know this was probably not the answer you were looking for, but I felt saying this was more helpful than making a guess at a food recommendation.

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    Hi Pitlove

    Great Post! And ladders do make my head spin 😉

    “The ladder will cause your head to spin”

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    I agree Pitlove,

    Great Post!

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    I have heard good things about this book:
    “Dog Food Logic is an indispensable book for any pet owner who wants to make thoughtful, informed decisions about what to feed his or her canine companions. The dog food industry is a bewildering, ever-changing landscape of companies and brands, and dog owners are inundated with marketing masquerading as science, with rigid advice from self-declared experts, and with fads every bit as intense and short-lived as those in the human weight loss business. Dog Food Logic cuts through the noise and chaos and provides pet owners with a rational, science-based approach to evaluating their pets’ dietary needs and their feeding choices”. excerpt from:

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    @ El Doctor- Whoops! Didn’t catch that spelling error in time. Now it won’t let me edit my post

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    Carrie P

    Fido active supplement is very well proven and very effective to our dogs. you must try it.

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