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    We have a 2 year old yellow lab retriever that we love dearly-he currently weighs about 75 pounds. He is constantly licking and itching. He does not have fleas that we can see-and we maintain his flea medicine. He also has ear problems-mostly one ear. The vet has seen him many times and treated him with antibiotics and steroids. I don’t like having him on these all the time. He was also diagnosed with “teen-age” acne under his chin. We were told to use sensitive acne wipes on those and make sure his bowl is not rubber, and always clean.
    All of things we do-but I am beginning to think it is food allergies with everything. Can someone please help and give us some advice? Dog food, treatments, etc.
    Thanks so much!

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    It definitely sounds like food allergies. What is he eating?

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    Colorado huntress

    Yes, I agree w/Patty, definitely sounds like allergies. My lab was a little itchy & also her ears were a little yeasty – as soon as I took her off of her kibble that had white potatoes, w/in a week all her problems went away. She seems fine w/sweet potatoes. Also, are you feeding out of a stainless steel bowl? Ceramic can make bumps on their chins & my vet said that it can change nose color to some degree! Plastic is not good to feed out of either – & I always use hot water to wash their bowls after every feeding.

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    OH yes, sounds just exactly like my dog with allergies too. She’s a “lab mix”…AKA no one knows!

    The vet did the same thing. What I did was go with a limited ingredient diet. I have her on Nature’s Variety LID Turkey which is doing an adequate job of keeping it under control. Remember that everything he consumes can contribute, not just their dog food. Treats and rawhide etc. even vitamins and supplements. People food…it can all cause problems.

    Really the antiboitics help heal it up but then it just will come right back because they are killing the dog’s immune system.

    I chose the NV food because it had the least amount of ingredients and not potatoes of any kind. I don’t even want her on sweet potatoes either.

    Does he stink like strong cheese? If so that is yeast too so you don’t want a food with too many carbs or it will get worse. You’d also want to give a probiotic.

    Just out of curiosity, what are you feeding him now?

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    Thank you all so very much! I am thrilled to think we are on the right track. We do feed him out of a stainless steel bowl-and wash it frequently.

    The breeder we bought him from had him on Diamond puppy kibble-and somewhere down the line we switched him (I am ashamed to say) to Beneful. He likes it-but it’s definitely not the best quality-and when I looked at the ingredients-corn meal is the top of the list.

    What would you all recommend? I am overwhelmed by the grain free choices-but we are willing to do whatever it takes. Would a duck/yams formula be good for him? It would put some extra fat from the duck into his skin and coat.

    Thank you!

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