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Some retired racing Greyhounds are balls of energy… Harry isn’t. They do call them “40 mph couch potatoes”. Harry was only off track about 5 weeks when I got him & never fostered. I was prepared for the worst, but it didn’t happen. Since they are “turned out” at the track kennels several times per day , he didn’t know to ask to go out so there were a few accidents the 1st week. Once we established a schedule he learned very quickly. He had to learn to play with toys, and how to climb stairs. He didn’t know what windows or sliding glass doors were. I have never met a more beautifully trained leash walker, and a dog who listens. He’s never been cat or small dog tested but his prey drive is VERY low – he’s interested in rabbits (duh) but doesn’t go for them. He does sleep ALOT lol. And I can definitely see why they are good in apts, condos, etc. I don’t have a fenced yard – our 2 walks a day are fine by him. Some need to run off they’re energy – Harry not so much. He also is a total love sponge. A true gentle giant. I honestly never met or owned a dog like him. <3